Paleo Wraps Review: Finally, Something Vegans and Paleo Eaters Can Agree On


When I first saw a picture of the new Paleo Wraps product on Facebook, I knew I had to give it a try. I’m a huge fan of anything coconut, especially since the oil, water, and other coconut-based foods have helped me in my health transformation as much as just about anything else.  And this new concoction looked like a crepe, a food I’ve always loved but never get a chance to eat.

Most health food stores I’ve been to serve whole wheat wraps, which used to sound good until the best-selling book ‘Wheat Belly’ shed light on the unnatural processing of wheat in the United States, and more and more people began to realize they were gluten intolerant.

I’ve been looking for another healthy alternative for a long time without finding a clear-cut winner, until now that is.

The Paleo Wrap product delivers it all: Health, functionality, a light, crisp, taste that won’t interfere too much with whatever you put inside of it, and oh yea, something both vegans and paleo eaters can finally agree on.

The New Paleo Wraps: All the Specs

Paleo Wraps make an excellent gluten-free option.

Paleo Wraps make an excellent gluten-free option.


While I’m not big into counting calories anymore, I do use them as a bit of a guide whenever I do eat packaged food of any kind. Paleo Wraps are 70 calories per serving and made from just two simple, super high quality ingredients: Organic coconut and organic coconut water, made into a square wrap.

One gram of protein is present along with six grams of carbs, and just 1% of the daily value of sodium.

Again, these numbers are mostly immaterial for all the enlightened eaters out there, as the two ingredients tell you all you need to know. Coconut products stimulate the metabolism and their medium-chain fatty acids give you a convenient energy source.

Paleo Wraps are of course vegan but still carry the “Paleo” moniker, which means they’re likely to sell well with both segments of eaters once the word gets out.

A quick wrap I made using Paleo Wraps with hummus, peppers and more.

A quick wrap I made using Paleo Wraps with hummus, peppers and more.

The taste is a very light coconut flavor that will allow the rest of your ingredients to shine while still giving you a little bit of a change-up for your taste buds every few bites. And believe it or not, it does actually resemble a crepe in look and texture which is what makes it such a big hit for me.

Even better, my testing showed that the Paleo Wraps stay solid much better than similar healthy wraps, especially the gluten-free rice varieties I’ve tried. I made a quick wrap with hummus, organic kale, organic tomatoes, and organic peppers that was quite delicious (see picture) and simple. I can see them being used for both sandwich wraps and healthy desserts in the future.

Where to Find Paleo Wraps Online


Paleo wraps are sold in multi-packs and can be found by clicking on this link. They also offer pizza crusts and other unique products using their signature recipe that are worth checking out.

Thanks for reading!

-Nick Meyer Founder

Note: This Paleo Wraps review was written after the author received two free sample packs of the product. 



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