VAXXED: The Uncensored ABC News Interview Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to See

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Emmy Award winning medical journalist Del Bigtree put his career on the line to cover controversial topics in ‘Vaxxed.’ Now he’s battling censorship from ABC News.  Top left photo: StateoftheNation2012



One of the things most people don’t realize about the media is how important the screening process is critical information is lost in the process of fact-gathering and interviews that never makes it to the actual article or TV segment.

De Niro Tri

Robert De Niro abruptly pulled the film after immense public pressure.

Whatever doesn’t fit the media outlet’s narrative is usually scrapped. Not only is key information left out, but the way the information is presented, in all its nuance and subtleties, is what usually determines how the audience will react.

Oftentimes a reporter has a large amount of leeway in deciding a story’s overall tone and focus. But in many cases, higher powers (like big money advertisers, CEOs, and even governments) have a huge influence over what is ultimately shown.

In the case of the recent Robert De Niro controversy involving the documentary movie ‘Vaxxed,’ which presents sensitive and previously hidden information about a link between the MMR vaccine and autism rates, the ABC News agenda was clear: to discredit any notion that it contains any important or even credible information

But now, an interview with the film’s award-winning producer is going viral, and ABC News’ plan for discrediting the film may end up backfiring after all.



Uncut ‘Vaxxed’ Interview: Censored by ABC News

In the video below, which was released on Monday, March 28, ‘Vaxxed’ producer and Emmy Award-winning medical journalist Del Bigtree sits down for a comprehensive 10-minute phone interview with an ABC reporter to explain his side of the story.

De Niro abruptly pulled the movie from his own Tribeca Film Festival a day after his initial statement that he supported it because of his autistic son, and his own desire to “start a conversation” on a possible autism-vaccine link.

In the interview, Bigtree explains everything from why he put his career on the line to work with Wakefield (public enemy #1 to the pro-pharmaceutical industry mainstream media), to his extreme frustration with the media for not covering a recent CDC scandal in which documents linking vaccines to higher autism rates were allegedly destroyed.

Bigtree, who has worked on popular TV shows including Dr. Phil and The Doctors, said that the evidence of fraud by the CDC was so compelling that he had no choice but to take up the project.

“I looked at the data that the CDC whistleblowers provided…And it is the most compelling evidence of fraud I’ve ever seen in my life,” Bigtree says in the uncut interview video below. “And I realized in that moment that I was looking at probably the biggest story of my lifetime as a journalist, I realized it was a story I had to tell.”

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the CDC scandal is that the whistleblower in question is Dr. William Thompson, one of the organization’s top scientists, who discovered that Wakefield’s conclusions might not have been so “wrong” after all.

“It used to be when something like this happened in the media, we would all jump on it,” Bigtree says. “When a CDC whistleblower, top scientist from the CDC comes forward and says, ‘Hey we’re committing fraud in here, I would expect every news agency in the world to jump in there and investigate that story and I’m amazed that this film is the only ones that are looking at it..”



For more on why Bigtree is so passionate about ‘Vaxxed,’ watch the full uncut interview below. It was censored and only aired in a small part by ABC News; just two hours before De Niro announced he was pulling ‘Vaxxed’ from the festival:

This article was first written in March 2016 and updated in July 2018.

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