Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, Fiance Lauren’s $60 Billion Investment Folds After Lab Meat Ban

Jeff Bezos and his wife Lauren.


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his fiance Lauren are known worldwide for their business ventures and investments, including a recent, attempted high profile investment in the state of Florida. The couple moved to Florida just months before announcing their latest idea, a supposed “new” way to create something resembling “beef” in a laboratory setting.

The couple decide to invest in the lab created beef-like “technology” without knowing the ramifications first, as is often the case with genetically modified and lab created synthetic ‘food” producers.

The investment in question is lab grown meat, which is typically created in large vats of genetically modified yeast and was recently banned in in one Southeastern state.

The high profile, big spending couple decided to invest $60 million of initial offerings into the so-called “sustainable” protein, a type of “cultivated meat,” but everything did not go according to plan as a change of pace was announced by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.


DeSantis Signs Legislation 

Bezos and his fiance Lauren Sanchez’s $60 million investment ended up being all for naught as DeSantis and his staff set the wheels in motion to ban the very synthetic lab grown food Bezos and his fiance were attempting to bring to market in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis signed legislation dubbed SB 1084 into law earlier this May announcing it as a plan to stop the World Economic Forum’s goal of forcing the world to accept lab-grown meat and insects which were called a supposed “overlooked source of protein” for people according to a news release.

DeSantis’ response was a resounding “No” as the at times controversial governor took a stand against fake food and instead decided to turn his state’s attention toward real grass-fed beef products raised on family farms the old-fashioned way.



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DeSantis put a stop to Bezos and Sanchez’s plan shortly after they moved to his state.

He announced, “Florida is increasing meat production, and encouraging residents to continue to enjoy 100% real Florida beef,” according to a message from the governor’s office.

Previously, DeSantis took aim at what he called “the global elite’s plan to force the world to eat meat grown in a petri dish or bugs to achieve their authoritarian goals.”



News of the ban came about a month after the Bezos Earth Fund, of which Bezos, 60 and his fiance Lauren, 54, made the announcement.

The duo invested in the fermented and “cultivated” lab borne meats as part of the organization’s larger $1 billion commitment to expanding food production according to a report from Fortune magazine.

Now, the Bezos family will be forced to re-examine their business and life choices after DeSantis and his staff put the ban into place just in the nick of time, forcing them to find something else to invest in for the time being, if they want to produce or sell it in Florida, of course.


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