American Medical Association Statistics Show Desperate Need for New Approach

It always amazes me the blanket assumptions everyday people make about natural health, as if it is some sort of backwards system for “uncivilized” people that doesn’t take science into account, or that has been rendered obsolete by “modern” medicine.

What people don’t realize is that there’s no reason that the natural health system, elevated by the wisdom and trial and error of thousands of years of human progress, and the current medical model, which has its own benefits, especially in emergency situations, can’t work together to create a better situation overall.

I recall seeing a local news report of a woman whose son had a terrible rash all over his arm, and doctors were befuddled as to how they could possibly treat it.

They tried everything, prescribed all sorts of drugs, used chemical creams, ran tests, you name it. Nothing worked, and the situation seemed hopeless.

But then one day, acting on advice from an older family member, the mother came home and spread some raw organic honey on the son’s arm.

Sure enough, the healing properties of the honey went to work and healed the rash right up.

What followed was the usual: Shots of embarrassed doctors standing around in freshly-pressed white coats looking confused while the smiling child and his mother rejoiced at the work they had done to heal their own problem.

It’s a healthy thing to have professionals in the medical world we can trust, because it’s much more comforting to realize that we’re in good hands than to have to worry about diagnosing ourselves and verifying the quality of the treatments we take, etc.

But today’s doctors are mistake prone because they’re set up to fail; at odds with everything that has sustained humanity for its entire existence.

American Medical Association statistics on healthcare are frightening

Consider the following statistics from the American Medical Association that show just how problematic and downright dangerous the current system is, courtesy of an article posted on Facebook by health and freedom talk show host Robert Scott Bell.

Dr. Barbara Stafield, a top public health expert, released her findings on the system in July 2000 and they’re not pretty. The study was titled “Is U.S. health really the best in the world?” and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, came to the following conclusions:

She found that each year, there are:

-106,000 deaths from FDA-approved correctly prescribed medicines

-80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals

-12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgeries

-7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals

-20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals

So, as the article above mentioned, there are 225,000 medically-caused deaths in the U.S. every year…2.25 million people killed per decade.

Something is clearly not right here, and the number that stands out the most is the 106,000 deaths from medication that is correctly prescribed. How many of those deaths could be prevented by trying natural approaches instead first?

How many surgeries could be prevented if doctors were well trained in holistic care and able to solve health problems at the roots instead of merely covering up the symptoms? How many could be saved from hospital infections if we utilized powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial holistic remedies like coconut oil and oregano oil?
We won’t know until we stand up and demand a change, or at least continue to opt out of the prescribe-and-forget medical paradigm that has taken over and bankrupted America.

We expect a lot of our health professionals and they work hard, doing an admirable job in most cases. But it’s clear that this system doesn’t work, and never will as long as our physicians are working in disharmony with nature.

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