Artisana Organics Walnut and Macadamia/Coconut Butter Review

artisana organics nut butter review


Artisana Organics is a healthy organic food company based in Oakland, California.

In this case, the name certainly fits them well — Artisana’s products are as artisan as it gets.

With glass jars, gold tops and beautiful artwork, Artisana’s foods make a perfect holiday gift for anyone who enjoys cacao, nut butters, and similar health superfoods.

Some of Artisana’s current products include nut butters, oils, chocolate spreads, snack pouches, Whole30 approved nut butters, limited edition holidays flavors like Gingerbread pecan, and more.

Raw walnut butter is rarely purchased at mainstream retailers, but it’s a great way to get more healthy fats in your diet.


Walnut Butter Benefits Include: 

-The highest source of omega-3 fatty acids of any nut butter according to Andrea Hasson, a registered dietitian at the Cedars-Sinai healthcare organization of Los Angeles.

-Helps lower “bad” cholesterol, increase “good cholesterol” and reduce inflammation

-Is fairly high in protein

-May help protect against heart disease, cancer and other diseases


The walnut butter blends from Artisana are smooth and creamy. Texture-wise, they remind me a lot of almond butter, with a rich walnutty taste that goes beyond simply eating walnuts themselves by the handful.

A 14-ounce jar of Artisana walnut butter with cashews goes for $19.99 on the company’s website (click here to learn more or purchase).

An eight-ounce jar goes for $14.99.

Overall, this is an exceptional product. Cashews help to improve feelings of contentment and happiness while walnut butter offers the benefits listed above. Eating a jar of walnut butter or two each month can pack incredible health benefits that are not to be missed.

Learn more or try Artisana walnut butter here


Macadamia Butter Benefits Include: 

-Reducing inflammation

-Support for digestive health

-Rich in minerals including calcium, phosphorous and magnesium that promote bone health

-Support for metabolism and weight loss



The macadamia nut blend from Artisana is also exceptionally well made.

It tastes delicious with a slightly toasted and nutty flavor. If you’ve never had macadamia nuts before I wholeheartedly suggest you give their nut butter a try, because of the incredible health benefits listed above.

There’s a reason macadamia nut butter typically retails at a higher price point than other nut butters: it may as well be called the king of nuts, although almonds hold that unofficial title currently.

Purchase organic macadamia nut butter here

The product I tried from Artisana Organics also includes organic coconut and organic cashews.

The ingredients combine to make this signature blend a “fat bomb,” chock full of healthy energy and fats that are incredible for sustained energy.

Thus far I have loved everything I have ever purchased and/or tried from Artisana Organics.

The macadamia nut butter is my favorite so far for health benefits while their chocolate spreads are my favorite for taste.

Purchase organic macadamia butter here

Special thanks to Artisana Organics for providing samples for the purposes of this review. Check them out on Facebook here, and thanks for reading as always! 

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