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Monsanto Protection Act Part II? Provision Written by Monsanto-Sponsored Congressman Could Revoke Citizens’ Right to Ban Cancerous Pesticides

    The Monsanto signs in St. Louis may have been taken down, but the company’s influence still looms large, especially in light of the continued controversy over glyphosate, the “probable human carcinogen” according to the World Health Organization’s IARC that is still sprayed in massive amounts across the country. [...]
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“A Massive Health Experiment on All Species:” Public Expert Issues Dire Warning on Health Dangers of 5G Towers

  Aside from the mass poisoning of our bodies through sodium fluoride, GMO foods, glyphosate, and countless other unnatural and chemical-intensive health risks, the latest, biggest such risk is far more hidden. Camouflaged inside a technological and cultural addiction that shows no signs of slowing, the long-awaited nationwide network of [...]
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