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Study Finds U.S. Farmland Now 50 Times More Toxic to Bees Than Before GMOs Were First Introduced

        In 1995, the first insecticide-producing GMO crop (corn) was officially by approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Now, nearly 25 years later, the American agricultural landscape has become a toxic, deadly minefield of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, poison-coated seeds called neonicotinoids, and other instruments of [...]
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Rarely Used Device Based on Infrared Light Reduces Painful Side Effects in Chemo Patients, Study Finds

  Chemotherapy patients oftentimes suffer a tremendous amount from the procedure, which can lead to difficult side effects including oral mucositis, an extrordinarily painful and common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation. But one relatively new treatment may hold a world of promise for chemotherapy patients — red light therapy, [...]
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