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“Bad” Cholesterol Actually Coronary Heart Disease Risk — New Study Finds Statin Drugs are “Useless”

    Cholesterol has been a heated, controversial subject for decades, and because of the popularity of the “low fat” dietary lifestyle and its endorsement by government agencies, the connection between cholesterol and heart disease has been accepted as an iron-clad truth. But what if everything we knew about cholesterol [...]
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“That was the last time I saw my love alive” — mother lost 4-month-old after 16 vaccinations in 3 visits

    Ja’Liyah Cortize Turner was born a healthy baby on November 29, 2013. As with most newborns, the doctors immediately started her on a comprehensive vaccination schedule, and she received her first vaccine, Hep B, soon after birth. After that, the official schedule dictates that the babies receive multiple shots at [...]
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