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“We Didn’t Want to Put…a Skull and Crossbones (On It):” Creator of New GMO Fruit Discusses Why He Won’t Label His Product

The new genetically engineered apple is finally set to hit store shelves this fall, and like most pro-GMO companies its creator, Canada-based Okanagan Specialty Foods, is dead set on not labeling its controversial new product. According to a new article from the website MIT Technology Review, the company’s founder Neal [...]
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Former Surgeon General Warns About A Silent Epidemic That “Kills As Fast as 15 Cigarettes a Day,” Offers His Tips for Solving This Critical Health Issue

Loneliness Epidemic Kills as Fast as 15 Cigarettes a Day — A Former Surgeon General Has Practical Tips on Solving This Critical Health Issue. When we think of health epidemics in the U.S., we often think of obesity, depression, and chronic disease. But there is one critical underlying health issue [...]
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