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Monsanto Protection Act Part II? Provision Written by Monsanto-Sponsored Congressman Could Revoke Citizens’ Right to Ban Cancerous Pesticides

    The Monsanto signs in St. Louis may have been taken down, but the company’s influence still looms large, especially in light of the continued controversy over glyphosate, the “probable human carcinogen” according to the World Health Organization’s IARC that is still sprayed in massive amounts across the country. [...]
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Secret Investor Report Leaks Five-Step Bayer, Monsanto Plan to Poison Our Food with Increasing Levels of Toxic Pesticides

“What’s being done to our food in the name of profit?” It’s an omnipresent question that becomes more important with each passing year. Our produce is being gassed, sprayed with chemicals, and even genetically manipulated to the point where it’s becoming and harder to keep track of how many different [...]
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