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600 Physicians send letter to White House Stating Lockdowns are a “Mass Casualty Incident,” Causes of Harm from Other Causes Underreported

  The coronavirus pandemic has caused disease and many deaths around the world, and different countries have responded to it in many different ways. In the United States, stay-at-home orders passed down by governors are expected to continue until at least mid-June, with the potential for more quarantine executive orders [...]
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Doctors Warn: Potential Long Term Side Effects of Mask Wearing Include Shortness of Breath, a Weakened Immune System and Chronic Respiratory Conditions

          This article uses information and quotes from a similar article originally published by Microsoft News (MSN). The MSN article was subsequently removed in recent weeks as more and more states began mandating mask wearing for “essential workers” and people working, shopping, eating and playing in [...]
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