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Three Little Known GMO Foods to Watch Out for in 2020, According to the Latest “Dirty Dozen” From the Environmental Working Group (EWG)

    The annual “Clean Fifteen” and “Dirty Dozen” list produced by the Environmental Working Group is one of the most sought-after resources for people who want to avoid eating foods that are sprayed heavily with pesticides that have been linked to large numbers of health problems. While most people [...]
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo Announces Partnership with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to “Reimagine Education,” Draws Backlash from Educators and Parents

      The former founder of the Microsoft computer corporation, Bill Gates has risen to the number two position on the list of the world’s top five richest people for 2020 according to, with an estimated net worth of 98 billion dollars.   Gates Foundation Has Previously Proposed [...]
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