Did You Know Indoor Cycling Can Be Therapeutic?

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Indoor cycling is the best option for anyone who’s been through a traumatic accident. It is very hard to pull ourselves back together but it is easier now with the new app called Vingo. With Vingo you can exercise with ease, completely indoors, at the comfort of your homes.

Vingo uses virtual reality to stimulate your brain and give you an outdoor work-out experience without having to go to a gym or a park. This is particularly helpful for people who need a means for an outlet.

Life After a Traumatic Accident can be Hard

Going through the recovery process after an accident is very hard. You go through a lot of pain and most times, regret, for all the trouble you go through. But getting out of them is necessary and we can help you with that. With the Vingo App you can focus on the positive side of life from now on by starting to get physically fit.

You can start with walking on a treadmill and then progress slowly, but steadily to jog and then run. Day by day, you can show yourself you can get better.

But that is not all, the app can be useful for indoor cycling too. Vingo has been recognized as the best app for Online Cycling, by many online fitness enthusiasts across the world.

The app not only makes your body stronger but the sheer act of walking and running will make your mind stronger than before. So, the experience of running or cycling gives a complete therapeutic effect on your body.


Cycling Gives Exercise without Causing More Injuries

Indeed, Cycling is a more progressive method to get fit faster. The exercise gives movements to a lot of muscles in our body and tones them gradually. It also helps to tone the muscles and fix the joints to proper health.

Cycling slowly every day will help you regain your physical movements. And if someone is physically inactive or bedridden for a long time, it gives them a slow push towards physical activity and fitness.

Try the New Way of Cycling in a Virtual World


You can try this new Indoor cycling app for yourself and see how it changes your life forever. We recommend Vingo to anyone who wants a quiet work-out at their homes, away from all the crowds in gyms. You can experience Virtual Reality through the app and go on adventures through the numerous locations & maps inside it. All you need is a screen in front of you and your smartphone with the app installed on it. Just connect the run go app with your exercise bike and that’s it.

The app will automatically monitor your movements on the bike and create a virtual world on the screen before you. You can also invite your friends and family to join you on your online adventures.

Vingo is revolutionizing fitness in many ways, but it is also useful for people who need help to get better.




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