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As someone who’s active in the alternative health field, I know many people whose daily life consists of going to the forest to find medicinal herbs and hunt for mushrooms. These walks are often accompanied by increased risks of being bitten by a tick carrying Lyme disease-causing bacteria.

But even people who go for a hike once a summer are not completely safe: for many people, being bitten by a disease-carrying tick is simply the luck of the draw.

Sure, there are natural tick repellants, and you can keep most of your body covered with clothes for protection, but there is no 100% guarantee.

For most nature lovers, like myself, this is not enough to stop us from exploring the woods. And as someone who likes to be prepared and educated on what to do, one day I thought to myself – what if?

One possible answer came from an unexpected place — a true natural Lyme Disease treatment success story about a conventional doctor, Dr. Bill Rawls.

After spending fifteen years of his life practicing modern medicine, Dr. Rawls lost faith in it after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. He later found what worked wonders for him in the alternative world and now advocates this treatment protocol for others.

His story is important for multiple reasons. It is personal as Dr. Rawls describes in detail his symptoms, diagnosis, and healing timeline. He also explains from his years of experience with pharmaceuticals, why – at least when it comes to Lyme – antibiotics do not work, and how he found legitimate proof that alternative medicine does.

He confirms why most people going the conventional route never fully recover – modern medicine simply does not understand Lyme Disease, he says.

This is his story.


Conventional Doctor Finds Lyme Disease Treatment Through Alternative Medicine

Dr. Rawls was originally diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but later found out that he has Lyme Disease.  In his late 40s at the time, he eventually realized that all of the symptoms of Lyme disease were there. After being bitten by a tick one July, he had a bull-eye reaction at the bite site – a clear sign of Lyme, which a test later confirmed. He also had:

-Brain fog
-Whole-body aches
-Skin rashes
-Tingling in the hands
-A burning sensation in his feet
-Joint pain
-Chest pain
-Heart palpitations
-Mood changes
-Poor sleep

He describes the feeling as having a horrible flu every day of your life.

These symptoms lasted for years as Dr. Rawls looked for the answer to his issues in modern medicine.

Dr. Rawls found a successful treatment for Lyme disease not in modern medicine, where he worked for 15 years, but in the alternative field. PHOTO:

Antibiotics caused him to feel nauseous and generally horrible, and did nothing to affect the Lyme Disease. When researching more into it, Dr. Rawls found out something shocking — no clinical study has ever shown any real benefit of antibiotics when used to treat chronic Lyme.

Modern medicine has no other answer except prescription medications that treated the symptoms of Lyme disease, not the Lyme disease itself.

“My faith in the medical system diminished,” he writes on his website, Rawls M.D.

His search expanded into all of the existing alternative methods, from Rife machines to natural herbal therapy. He analyzed all available options based on cost and available scientific evidence.

What he found to be the most compelling was information from Stephen Buhner’s book, “Healing Lyme.” Dr. Rawls describes Buhner’s approach as “logical and based on sound scientific evidence.” While still a little skeptical, he gave the protocol provided in the book a try, and to his surprise – it worked.


In just weeks, Dr. Rawls felt less pain and many of his symptoms subsided. In three months, he writes that he “felt human again.” With each new month he felt better and better, and in a few years came as close as he thinks it is possible to a complete recovery.

“I was able to recover my health completely — the things that I learned along the way changed my life forever,” he writes.

What we can learn from the doctor’s story:

“It’s not uncommon for people to harbor Borrelia and not know it.”

Lyme Disease is commonly transmitted by nymphal ticks, which are as small as a pin. You can get bitten without knowing it or ever noticing the tick. Many people also experience no or mild symptoms, which may be similar to other diseases and can be ignored. If the person’s immune system is working well, it may be fighting off the Borrelia microbes (that cause Lyme) for years.

The good news is – it is rarely life-threatening, but it can cause some life-changing symptoms that need to be addressed.

“Antibiotics are not necessarily a good treatment for chronic Lyme disease.”

Intense and long-term antibiotics did not help Dr. Rawls, and he found multiple reasons for their failure. Many of these reasons have to do with how Borrelia acts in the body.

Borrelia is an evasive microbe that is very hard to kill. It grows slowly over time and becomes parts of the microbiome in the body. Meanwhile, antibiotic use destroys the microbiome even more, and at the same time disrupts the proper immune system function needed to keep fighting off this disease.

Treating Lyme Disease using herbs with antimicrobial properties works (with or without antibiotics).

Dr. Rawls was pleasantly surprised when The Buhner protocol began to work in just weeks. Intrigued by this discovery, the doctor started researching other potent herbs and came to the following conclusions:

-Herbs work because of their numerous antimicrobial properties.

-It is important to use different herbs to create synergy.

-They boost the immune system needed to heal.

-Herbs support a balanced microbiome (something that antibiotics destroy).

The Buhner Protocol Explained

Stephen Harrod Buhner created The Bruhner Protocol after his friends asked him to figure out how to treat Lyme Disease. PHOTO:

The Buhner Protocol is said to have a success rate of about 75%. Another doctor suggests that for people who do not answer to the protocol likely have another condition called kyptopyrroluria (KPU) – severe mineral deficiency, which needs to be addressed first.

For those people who have success with The Buhner Protocol, here is how it works:

-By supporting the collagens in the body, preventing their damage by Lyme bacteria
-By supporting the proper functions of the immune system
-By removing inflammation in the body
-By treating Lyme Disease’s numerous symptoms
-And finally, by killing the Lyme bacteria itself

It may be surprising, but the protocol is quite simple and mainly consists of three herbs:

Cat’s Claw: stimulates the immune system, and supports the central nervous system, while fighting off infection.
Japanese Knotweed: provides aid for the central nervous system, while killing the Lyme bacteria.
Eluthero: reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, fights off fatigue, and supports heart health.

Other supplemental herbs, as well as dosage instructions, and a few reported side effects can be found on Buhner’s website.

There are multiple testimonials on the website, also thanking the protocol for “giving people their lives back.” Just like it happened for Dr. Rawls.

“As for the borrelia microbe, I may still harbor it. Whether anyone ever gets rid of it is a complete unknown. But the most important thing is that I’m living a normal life, free of symptoms and also free of many of the effects of aging that most people of my age experience,” Dr. Rawls writes.

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