Easy Four-Step Raw Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Raw food recipes can often be intimidating because of all the unique equipment and preparation steps they require.

Dehydrators and soaking and spiralizers and many other preparation techniques and equipment are foreign to many modern day chefs, but that shouldn’t deter you from trying out the raw food lifestyle or at least working more raw foods into your diet.

Raw chocolate recipes in particular can be easier to make, especially the ones in my new Kindle recipe book ‘Raw Chocolate Revolution,’ which I recently co-author with Salome Torres, a certified raw nutritionist.

The book is available now and on sale until Friday for the special price of just $2.99 if you’d like to check it out.

Simply click on this link if you’d like to download the book, which includes over 20 easy-to-make, delicious and healthy raw chocolate recipes.

One of our favorites is this easy raw chocolate mousse, which only takes four steps to complete but makes an excellent quick dessert that will also give your body plenty of important nutrients and won’t have much if any impact on your waistline.

Recipe: How to Make an Easy Raw Chocolate Mousse

Simply check out the photo below for step-by-step instructions for the raw chocolate mousse recipe from Salome Torres:

This Raw Chocolate Mousse Recipe is quite easy to make.

This Raw Chocolate Mousse Recipe is quite easy to make.

The cacao provides plenty of antioxidants and is even a mood lifter, as many fans of chocolate know. Raw cacao is the unprocessed, unrefined version of cocoa, which is more common in most chocolate products on store shelves. It is much more nutrient dense than processed cocoa but retains that signature flavor, especially when you add a little sweetener.

You can also tweak this recipe by adding a little coconut nectar, raw organic honey, stevia or other low glycemic index sweetener to the mix.

The avocado adds a nice assortment of nutrients including healthy fats, and provides an excellent texture once it’s perfectly mixed into the recipe.

Raw Chocolate Revolution is available now for Kindle and Kindle Reader, a free app. Click the picture for more info or to buy.

Raw Chocolate Revolution is available now for Kindle and Kindle Reader, a free app. Click the picture for more info or to buy.

The color of the avocado even won’t interfere with the color of the cacao powder, as the cacao powder’s rich pigments are dominant in this recipe.

Raw Chocolate Recipe Book- On Sale Now 

Further raw chocolate recipes including whole centerpiece cakes, pies and sauces can be found in the book ‘Raw Chocolate Revolution,’ which is available now for Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Reader app, which can be downloaded to any major computer system.

The book can be downloaded by clicking this link. It is available on sale at just $2.99 until Friday, July 26 so check it out!

We hope you get a chance to check out the book, and that you love these simple recipes as much as we do!

-Nick Meyer

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