Farmer Begins First American Hemp Harvest in Over Fifty Years

The debate over the re-legalization of hemp for food and industrial purposes has been re-ignited in recent years through the social media movement, and some of the fruits of that labor are finally beginning to show.

According to the blog ‘Hemp for Victory,’ which is an extension of the book ‘Hemp for Victory: History and Qualities of the World’s Most Useful Plant,’ the first American hemp harvest in over fifty years has begun this month in southeastern Colorado. You can read the full blog post and see pictures including a lovely hemp-themed dinner, by clicking on this link.

According to the blog post, hemp advocates from across the country flocked to watch farmer Ryan Loflin as he conducted his symbolic and historic first hemp harvest. They also offered him help in hand-harvesting the crops.

The executive director of the Hemp Industries Association has said that they hope hemp will be fully commercialized soon. Currently, hemp is considered illegal by the federal government even though it contains little to none of the THC found in marijuana, the blog post noted.

Colorado’s Amendment 64 last year legalized small amounts of marijuana for adults and helped to open up the option of hemp production for industrial purposes. In May, it was officially announced that it’s still technically not allowed to plant hemp in Colorado until a registration process is completed by early next year.

Loflin plans to make a small amount of hemp oil with his harvest, the blog said, while also re-saving his suddenly valuable and scarce seeds.

Visit the blog article from ‘Hemp for Victory’ to see more, including some amazing, historical pictures.

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