Five Game-Changing GMO Petitions That Take Less Than a Minute to Sign


While contacting our representatives and local media outlets are probably even better ways to affect change with our voices, signing petitions can also play an important role.

After all, it was an outpouring of signatures to the EPA against the requested use of a banned chemical on up to 3 million acres of GMO cotton in Texas that helped put it to a stop.

It can be easy to contract a case of “petition fatigue” with so much going on to be aware of, but there are some pretty important GMO-related petitions out there that need your support, and won’t take too long to sign, either.

Here are 5 of the most important petitions-

1. Stop the DARK Act and Support Real GMO Labeling!:

GMO labeling is a hot-button topic in the U.S., as over 60 countries have it as a right while we continue to miss out.

A recent bill dubbed the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act by activists could prohibit both mandated FDA labeling and pre-empt or forbid statesfrom passing GMO labeling laws.

Therefore, as Elizabeth Kucinich put it, Congress’ GMO industry “labeling” bill could actually result in no labeling at all!

You can sign the petition against the DARK Act by clicking here.

2. Save the Bees!: 

A specific class of bee-killing pesticides are under fire (justifiably so, as these “neonicotinoids” have been banned in Europe already) by activists, and the ‘Save America’s Pollinators’ act would suspend their use. This is a big one, and time is of the essence.

You can click here to sign the petition to Congress to Save the Bees.

(P.S. You can also contact your reps by clicking here).

3. Stop the TPP!: 

Activists have fought tooth-and-nail against the looming Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal that be a huge coup for the big corporations, especially agribusiness ones like Monsanto, internationally.

The massive new trade agreement keeps rearing its ugly head, but a petition to top media channels to cover it has been gaining momentum with over 100k signatures.

You can click here to sign the petition for media coverage of the TPP.


4. Save the National Organic Standards Board: 

Top watchdog organizations including the Organic Consumers Association, Beyond Pesticides and the Cornucopia Institute are working to hold U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack accountable and to make him reverse changes made to the National Organic Standards Board.

The board is supposed to be permanent but Vilsack and co. recently “mistakenly” re-categorized it as a limited-time Advisory Board that is now subject to their own discretion, with fewer responsibilities.

This defeats the purpose of the board in the first place, not to mention that it openly defies an act of Congress!

You can sign the petition to Vilsack by clicking here

(Vilsack always been pro-GMO but these petitions can still be used as bargaining chips for the movement).

One petition seeks to overturn Citizens United which has been a boon to pro-GMO corps. PHOTO: Pricele$$ movie

One petition seeks to overturn Citizens United which has been a boon to pro-GMO corps.
PHOTO: Pricele$$ movie

5. Get the Money Out of Politics!: 

Congress is packed full of people who’ve accepted big checks from the chemical farming and GMO industries, and thanks to the infamous passage of the ‘Citizens United’ in 2010 by the Supreme Court, which allows for unlimited spending by corporations on political campaigns.

Utah Sen. Tom Udall has proposed a constitutional amendment to give Congress the power to pass campaign contribution and spending limits, however.

You can sign a petition to Congress by clicking on this link.

And if you haven’t had a chance to yet, check out the trailer below for the documentary ‘Pricele$$,’ which is out now and does a fantastic job of explaining how corporate money stifles our voices (it even shows how a rep. took over $2 million from big agribusiness and how it may be affecting her speech).

Thanks for reading!

P.S. You can also call, email and fax your reps. To find them online, simply click on this website and enter your zip code.

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