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Cary Subel and Alaey Kumar, co-founders of Safesleeve.



In 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer created a group to review all available evidence on cell phones, which found that their use is “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” also noting that there may be bias, chance or other pitfalls in the research.

Despite the FCC, American Cancer Society and others dismissing this research, the controversy continues: Cal-Berkely scientist Dr. Joel Moskowitz, for example, recently exposed over 2,000 studies linking the technology to potentially serious health issues, saying that the wireless industry has not been upfront about the risks of its products and accusing them of taking pages from the tobacco industry playbook.

“They’ve done a very good job at it, essentially following the same playbook that the tobacco industry used,” Moskowitz said.

“The cellphone industry is using the same playbook that the tobacco industry used successfully for decades. They’ve war-gamed the science.”

One thing’s for sure for anyone who’s used cell phone technology consistently, however: there are very real and tangible health and bodily effects that come with using the technology, causing tingling sensations, numbness, weakness and fatigue, and many other side effects.

Now, with the roll-out of 5G and concern about the health effects of Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation higher than ever, the race is on for creative entrepreneurs to figure out how best to combat the effects of cell phone towers and other similarly damaging technologies.

One of those entrepreneurs is Cary Subel, the founder and CEO of the SafeSleeve company, which makes cell phone radiation-blocking devices of all different shapes and sizes to protect cell phone users.

Subel recently sat down for a short interview with, discussing how he got involved in the cell phone protection business to begin with and more:



AHW: When did you decide to get in the business of protecting people from Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation, and why?

CS: I got my first laptop in 2007 when I was preparing to go off to my first year of college.

A good friend of mine saw me using it on my lap and told me that his dad a highly regarded neurologist told him not to use his laptop on his lap because the radiation exposure could cause cancerous tumors, infertility, and a variety of other health problems.

Although I was skeptical of the claim, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. For the next couple of years, I found myself trying to keep my laptop as far away from my body as possible. Unfortunately this proved to be a major inconvenience. After all, it’s called a LAP-top.

I began doing my own research into the potential health effects, hoping to write off the claims of my friend’s doctor Dad as an unsubstantiated theory. I was studying engineering so I was no stranger to analyzing research and studies and weeding out the pseudo-science and anecdotal evidence.

Alas, I completed my research more concerned than I was before…There seemed to be ample evidence that, while there isn’t enough energy from lower frequency radiation from electronics (non-ionizing ELF and RF radiation) to cause major cell damage like its cousin X-rays, Gamma-rays etc. (ionizing) can, there definitely is enough energy to interrupt the body’s natural function enough to cause some major potential health problems.

My next step? Like any engineer would approach a problem…find a solution!

By the end of college, I had teamed up with a fellow engineer and good friend of mind, Alaey Kumar, and SafeSleeve was born. We started with a laptop product for the reasons I mentioned.

Plus, cell phones weren’t quite as ubiquitous yet. However, after our laptop cases were extremely well received, anti-radiation cell phone products were the next logical step.



AHW: Do you think people are underestimating the threat from cell phone radiation?

It seems like warnings for cancer risk and other problems keep coming out, yet more people choose to actually increase close cell phone use instead.

CS: Absolutely. I think the major problem is that we’ve developed a complete dependency on our cell phones and they’ve become more of a necessity than a luxury.

It’s easy to ignore the potential future health effects when there isn’t another option. Adding to that is the cell phone industry being reported to be spending millions to squash any concerns of radiation exposure that have come up. I recommend checking out The Nation’s article “How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation” to learn more.

That’s where we come in…it’s our goal to educate as many cell phone users as possible as to the potential health effects associated with their exposure to their devices, and provide a convenient and effective solution.

AHW: What are maybe 3 practical tips everyone can take to reduce their exposure starting right now? 

It’s important to keep in mind that the only way to eliminate your exposure to the radiation emitted by your cell phone is to keep it turned off or to shield it in an enclosed Faraday cage.

Either option would make it pointless to have a phone since you wouldn’t be able to use it.

Since that isn’t realistic, here are a few ways to continue to use your cell phone while reducing your exposure.

1. Use speakerphone when possible: Bluetooth headphones can be as bad as, and possibly worse than, using your cell phone directly on your head. Even wired headphones transfer radiation directly to your head unless they are an air-tube design like what you can find on our website.

Although speakerphone isn’t a perfect solution, and definitely isn’t always practical, it is the best option for when on a phone call.

2. Don’t store your phone in your pocket: Again, this isn’t always necessarily the most practical solution since it’s inconvenient to carry your phone in your hand and you don’t always have a bag with you.

However, whenever possible, try to keep as much distance between you and your device as possible.

3. Use a case that incorporates lab tested shielding technology: Similar to the lead vest you wear at the dentist during X-rays, the only way to effectively block EMF radiation is with a shield between your body and your device.

Additionally, it is more likely that you will use a well designed shielding device as opposed to either of the above methods.

The most important thing to look for when it comes to choosing an anti-radiation case is that it incorporates independent lab tested technology.

Our lead-free tech, for example, is lab tested to block over 99% of RF and 92% of ELF radiation (the sub-forms of electromagnetic radiation emitted by your cell phone).



AHW: Have you and your team had the chance to study the potential health risks of 5G?

And are you working on any new technologies to help combat this, or is anyone else in your industry by chance? 

CS: While there haven’t been any notable, definitive studies on the potential health effects of 5G, we know that it is essentially a higher energy and higher frequency version of the RF signals that our devices already emit.

With the evidence already out there surrounding the potential health risks from current lower frequencies, I think it’s clear that 5G will have a higher health risk than the frequencies currently utilized.

The good news is that our technology is designed to block a much higher frequency of RF than currently exists, including 5G frequencies.

I’m not sure if any other brands’ technologies are capable of shielding 5G.

[Learn more or purchase a Safesleeve radiation blocking case for your cell phone, laptop, or other device here]


AHW: How has the reception been for your line of SafeSleeve phone cases and other products so far?

Do you see this type of business becoming more mainstream as more people look for ways to protect themselves from radiation?

CS: Our anti-radiation products for cell phone, tablet, and laptop have been incredibly well received. We have an avid fan base, thousands of amazing reviews, and we’ve seen exponential growth since launching our first product a few years back.

This has to do with three major factors:

1. We offer accredited lab tested shielding technology with complete transparency. You can view the test report right on our site.

2. We strive to make all of our products as practical, stylish, and affordable as possible. We want to provide protection for as many people as possible and I think that shows in our level of product and service.

3. We put a lot of our effort towards educating our audience in as objective manner as possible.

Of course we’re biased because we strongly believe there are health concerns, but we try our best to relay the facts around the risk of electromagnetic radiation exposure and how our technology works and let our audience determine what they think is their best course of action.

We don’t believe in deceptive marketing tactics because we want to create a customer base that can trust us and maybe even provide a referral.

For more info on the risks of 5G, check out this article. You can also learn more about Cary’s company and the lab test results by clicking here, or shop Safesleeve’s products here.

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