Flotation Therapy in Metro Detroit: My Review of the Neuro Fitness Center in Southfield

Of all the ways to relax and unwind, few are better than the simple act of sitting alone, closing your eyes and just “being.”

The official term for this type of therapy is meditation, a practiced long utilized by everyone from Buddhist monks to everyday people, especially some of the world’s most successful people who swear by its effectiveness.

Meditation works, that much we know, and flotation therapy works in much the same way, allowing us to focus on the present moment and to feel all of the sensations and feelings we tend to ignore without even realizing it over the course of our days.

Recently, I had the chance to try out flotation therapy in Southfield, Michigan near Detroit in a float pod, a piece of technology that’s being called “the next generation in pain relief and relaxation.”

The float pod is a new type of tank designed to be more accessible.

The float pod is a new type of tank designed to be more accessible than older, bigger models.

How the Float Pod Works

Float pods and flotation tanks basically work by “shutting off the outside world,” eliminating all sensory stimulation so that you essentially feel like a baby floating inside the womb, or at least that’s the best way I know how to describe it.

The tank is filled with Epsom salt water, and in the case of the Neuro Fitness Center, you can even plug your iPhone or iPod in so that you can listen to music or even affirmations or motivational tracks as you float, surrounding by darkness.

In my case, I was able to fall into a deep meditative state extremely quickly and stay in it for virtually all of the 1 hour and 30 minute session. A typical session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and for some people it takes a little while to get their bearings.

In this case the best benefits I noticed afterward were: a more relaxed state of being, better focus, the ability to be more “in the moment” and to take my time in conversation without focusing on all of the other stresses of the day, and an overall relaxed state of physical being.

Research also shows that flotation tank sessions:

-Help people with insomnia (mainly due to the magnesium infusion)

-Improve memory and learning

-Help put a person into the “flow state” for more creativity

-Increase focus and concentration, especially for athletes

-Work to re-wire the brain to be more calm and relaxed over time

-Help to detox joints and loosen muscles

Flotation therapy can also help to reduce anxiety while helping some people make a rapid recovery from depression.

One of the best parts about this particular float pod at the Neuro Fitness Center in Detroit is that it reduces the feeling of claustrophobia many people feel floating in bigger tanks.

When I first floated in a large more square-shaped tank last year it took me quite a while to get situated; eventually I found a comfortable spot but it was easy to feel “lost” and confused at first. I understood then why some people are afraid of these tanks, but the float pod takes away a lot of that concern.

In fact, the head of the center, David McCullar, told me afterward that he’s had younger kids in as clients recently and they did just fine.

He also explained to me that more and more holistic health centers are beginning to order the float pods, and as someone who’s experienced their benefits first-hand multiple times I can understand why.

I personally was very excited to see a flotation center open up in Metro Detroit because of how promising the technology is for the many problems we all face due to work and other sources of stress.

If you’re in the Metro Detroit area and want to try something new that could do wonders for your health, check out the Neuro Fitness Center and give flotation therapy a shot.

Their phone number is 248-436-8045 and you can also check out their website or make an appointment by clicking here.

Note: This article was based off of a free session provided by the Neuro Fitness Center. Next, I’ll be checking out some of the facility’s exciting brain training technology and post my thoughts here. 


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