From Bedridden to Thriving: Author Describes How Acupuncture Saved Her Life Where Western Medicine Failed


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While the mainstream medical world has had plenty of successes that have been widely publicized over the years, there are countless miracles of alternative medicine happening on a daily basis as well, involving several different types of therapies most people have never tried.

One of them is acupuncture, a healing art from the Far East that sounds intimidating but is virtually if not entirely painless for most people, and has the ability to release stagnant energy or blood flow, or lack thereof, within the human body.

Acupuncture has become more widespread in recent years to the point where it is even covered by Blue Cross when it is medically necessary, and many people who would never have tried it in the past are now becoming lifelong clients.

One of them is Tosha Silver, a well known author of the top selling Amazon book ‘It’s Not Your Money’ and several other titles, who recently shared a story of how acupuncture helped save her life during what had become a dark time for her.




Doctors Dumbfounded by Silver’s Adrenal Failure

“It all started at the beginning of 1987,” she said in a recent interview with AltHealthWorks.

“I still don’t know if this is a common symptom of adrenal failure, but my knees stopped working…I really felt like my knees sort of collapse and I was sort of bed ridden, it became this mystery

that was going on because I literally couldn’t walk around the bed.

tosha silver

Tosha Silver

“The other thing that was occurring was not just my body, but my entire endocrine system was so out-of-wack, I think it was because of the deep levels of stress that I was experiencing.”

For Silver, choosing to let go and trust God’s “divine plan” for her was the key to unlocking her own personal healing path, putting her on the road to recovery when nothing else seemed to work.

“I hadn’t learned anything about surrendering or letting go and that’s what the books are about,” she said. “I was in a 24/7 state of anxiety, what happened was, my whole endocrine system had nutritional deficiencies, I also started spontaneously gaining all of this weight; close to 100 pounds.

“I went from being sort of a very fit person to being large with a lot of edema over my whole body, it was very crazy.”

Silver hadn’t changed anything in her diet, she said, but still gained the weight largely due to stress and other factors. She visited multiple western doctors who could not properly diagnose her problems or tell her what was going on within her own body.

“I had no idea what was going on, they were testing maybe and saying, ‘Maybe you’re just tired,’ nobody had any clue what to do except to rest. I rested for about, I don’t know how long, I was pretty much just living from a bed.”

It is a story arc that is familiar to millions of people, and Silver was at the end of her rope.

Doctors said she would have to resign herself to the likelihood of having to work from her bed from now on, and were unable to give her any further answers.



I Almost Couldn’t Get to Her Because I Couldn’t Walk”

Despite financial troubles, Silver felt called to make a giant leap of faith, to put her trust in what she called “an incredible acupuncturist” near her who no longer practices anymore.

“When I talked to her on the phone, she said that it sounded as if my body needed to be alkalized; the acidity from the stress and everything else” was the problem, she said.

“if you want to come in to see me, just give me three weeks, I’ll know in three weeks if that’s part of the problem, I should be able to turn that around in three weeks.”

Silver said she almost couldn’t get to her because she couldn’t walk, and added that the acupuncturist was utilizing not only acupuncture but also herbs imported from Europe stored in a ship off the coast of California.

After committing the program, Silver was elated with the initial results, and continue to walk down the path of healing.

“My knee started to work again,” she said. “So you know, it was a long road back, it took her nine months to heal me…With a combination of the herbs and the acupuncture I started to get a pulse back.”

Silver’s healthy weight began to come back, and her edema (swelling caused by excess fluid that may occur in the hands, arms, feet, ankles or legs) finally began to regress.

“So it was about turning to somebody at a time when Western medicine was just saying there’s nothing to do, this woman took three weeks and got me functioning again,” Silver said.



Author’s Advice for Anyone Going Through Tough Times

Silver insists that she’s not against Western medicine and was scheduled to undergo a surgical procedure in July of this year.

With that being said, she urged everyone to be open to all methods of treatment that are available, especially considering how acupuncture helped to save her life, and her health.

“You become very open when you’ve exhausted all of the options in the so-called mainstream culture,” Silver said. “After the very first time I met my acupuncturist, I knew that it was the right route for me, one way or another.”

The treatments came at a price tag of 100 dollars a session, which sounded daunting, but she had a good feeling about her practitioner, opened her heart and mind up to the possibility of healing, and the rest was history.

“I just had one part of me that said let a miracle happen,” she said, letting the treatment work its magic and proving the doctors wrong.

More information can be found on Tosha’s website at, and additional information on acupuncture and its healing benefits can be found in the book ‘A Patient’s Guide to Acupuncture: Everything You Need to Know.’

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