Finally! — A Healthy Fast Food Restaurant is Almost Here Thanks to this Organic Frozen Food Brand


Even as organic brands are being bought out left and right, one brand in particular stands out as an independent entity with big plans for the future: Amy’s Kitchen.

Amy’s is not alone in its mission to provide high quality organic foods from a trusted independent source, but it has earned the respect and admiration of organic foodies everywhere for its dedication to the cause.

Now that Amy’s has conquered the frozen food world, the company is on to its next big venture in convenience food: fast food, an industry dominated by junk food that could seriously use a breath of fresh air, and sooner rather than later.

Amy’s to Open its First Drive Thru on West Coast

About a block from a restaurant most would call the antithesis of Amy’s and its mission, In-N-Out Burger, a new (almost) all-organic Amy’s restaurant is slated to open in Spring 2015.

Located in Rohnert Park, California, the all-vegetarian restaurant will include classic American Drive Thru fare: (veggie) burgers, fries, ice cream shakes, and even pizza, burritos and salads to round out the menu according to this article from The Press Democrat.

The fries will be organic and cooked in sunflower oil while everything on the menu will be organic except for the soda according to the article. Gluten-free and vegan options will also be available for each menu item.

Prices are expected to be reasonable with a cheeseburger checking in at about $3 and full meals going for less than $10. Testing has been underway for getting the menu right, and the Berliner family, which founded the company, spent several months alone working on getting the veggie burger’s buns just right.



Can Amy’s Make Waves?

In the Press Democrat article above Aaron Allen, a restaurant consultant, said that a “multi-billion dollar carrot” is dangling out there for anyone who is able to crack the healthy fast food code, and Amy’s certainly is in a position to do so.

It has access to a huge dossier of organic suppliers and produces some of its own food, and customers love them, as they’ve ranked 5th among all frozen food companies over a recent 52-week sampling period by Chicago firm IRI.

More and more people are also becoming vegetarian at the same time, so even though Amy’s has no official plans to expand beyond their first restaurant just yet, the blueprint is there for a major change in the fast food industry. 

And as co-founder Rachel Berliner put it, there aren’t a whole lot of places parents can go “where they know their kids aren’t going to be fed chemicals or GMOs or pesticides.”

Simply by bringing that aspect to the table, the company and perhaps others like it in the future can make major headway in an industry ripe for the taking, as McDonald’s and its contemporaries continue to struggle.



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