Functional Fitness Trainer Review: Charlie Markowitz of Markowitz Training Systems (Detroit, Michigan Area)

markowitz training systems review

Functional fitness trainer Charlie Markowitz


The world of personal training has changed dramatically in recent years, as old school weightlifting and other exercise protocols have been replaced by functional fitness training, especially among serious athletes and people looking for benefits that are more applicable to the real world than heavy lifting.

Instead of monotonous repetitions and “lifting heavy” all the time, which often creates imbalances and increases the potential for injury, modern functional fitness training generally incorporates a wide variety of exercises utilizing more dynamic and nuanced movements.

Recently I had the opportunity to train with a functional fitness trainer out of the Detroit area, Charlie Markowitz, and it opened my eyes to a whole new way of training.

My Experience in Functional Fitness Training

In this case, I was able to take several functional fitness classes with Charlie at Vision Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Novi, Michigan, a suburb on the outskirts of Detroit.

Markowitz hosts clients at the gym, along with his own studio in West Bloomfield.

For the purposes of his program, I performed exercises including a variety of kettlebell swings and squats using the kettlebells; lunges, swings, and other complex movements using a macebell, triceps strengthening movements using slam balls, and more.

Recently, Charlie took the program outside and I was able to join him for some hill runs while performing some of the above movements.

Overall, I felt an immediate difference in my functional strength and balance while standing after about a month of Charlie’s program, even while attending one 45-minute workout per week.

While kettlebells and macebells might not seem as intimidating as lifting large amounts of heavy weights, carrying them around and utilizing them in complex movements is a difficult task that trains the body in entirely new ways. Small stabilizer muscles get a more comprehensive workout, and the body has a way of transforming itself over time when these movements are done consistently.

The target result is a more balanced, trim, toned, and strong physique from the core to the upper body and back down again through the legs and posterior chain.

I personally noticed a higher level of overall strength from this program.

Markowitz Training Systems Offers Zoom Classes

In response to the coronavirus situation and the movement toward more at-home classes and Zoom based workouts, Markowitz has begun offering his programs online via Zoom.

To learn more or to get in touch with Charlie, visit his Facebook page here. He also has a website, Markowitz Training Systems, and is a skilled practitioner of the popular self defense art Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which also makes for a great functional fitness workout.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to contact Charlie if you are at all interested…I have been thoroughly impressed by his dedication, businesslike approach, and results-oriented training systems.


Nick Meyer Founder

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