Got Gluten Sensitivity? This One Type of Coffee Could Trigger it Over 80% of the Time (Video)


The gluten-free craze is in full effect and more people are looking to go gluten-free than ever before, but did you know that a specific type of coffee could have the same effects on your symptoms as gluten itself, if you happen to be sensitive, that is?

Holistic Doctor David J. Clark believes so, and explains the research behind why in the video below.

It should be worth noting before watching the video  that much new research has come out linking pesticides as well as genetically modified foods to gluten disorders, and that I personally recommend cutting out GMOs and going as organic as possible as a pillar to any successful eating plan for health purposes.

But there are still plenty of people who’ve been diagnosed with gluten disorders, and many of them drink a specific type of coffee that our immune system may actually mistake for gluten as much as 83 percent of the time, according to holistic doctor David J. Clark.

It’s all part of something called a “cross reaction,” researchers have found, and Clark will explain it in the video below.

Also of note: this particular type of coffee is also “contaminated” by gluten as often as much as 62 percent of the time, and only 20 percent of the time were gluten sensitivities triggered by the milk accompanying this type of coffee.

Remember also that coffee is one of the foods with the highest levels of pesticides out there, so be sure to buy organic coffee when possible.

Check out the video below for more on the type of coffee ALL gluten-sensitive people should probably avoid:

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