Just One Teaspoon of This Rarely Taken Supplement Can Aid Athletic Performance, Improve Red Blood Cell Count, Boost Fertility and More

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You meet a lot of interesting people at farmer’s markets and health food stores, in many cases people who’ve hit rock bottom in terms of their health but managed to bounce back completely by seeking knowledge and healing themselves through natural methods.

During the beginning of my natural health journey back in 2013, I ran into a mother at a farmer’s market who was selling organically-produced bee products including several types of honey, ranging from wildflower to unique kinds like raspberry and blueberry, as well as bee pollen and more.

After talking with her, I learned that she was a cancer survivor who had been in ill health for years along with her son, who suffered from debilitating allergies and asthma that made life extremely difficult, both for him and his confused doctors.

Tired of watching her son suffer, the woman, named Tish, took matters into her own hands after reading up on natural treatments for allergies that included the use of local organic bee pollen and honey.

She committed herself fully to the lifestyle, actually becoming an organic beekeeper, a choice that would pay big dividends for both her and her son, and led her to discover the incredible health benefits of local organic bee pollen and raw honey first-hand.

Bee pollen is one of the healthiest supplements in the world. Scroll down to learn what it can do for the body.

Bee pollen is one of the healthiest supplements in the world. Scroll down to learn what it can do for the body.



Local Bee Pollen Benefits Allergy Sufferers Tremendously

Much research has been conducted on bee pollen, and the benefits for allergy sufferers are particularly well known by the leaders of the holistic health movement.

Tish recommended using local, organic bee pollen daily, which will help you to build up a resistance to airborne pollen allergies. When combined with raw organic honey, preferably local, the effect becomes stronger and is especially potent in helping asthma sufferers.

Many people are oblivious to the causes of allergies, but it’s actually an interesting and complex process.

Allergic reactions typically happen when your body’s immune system produces antibodies that attach themselves to cells within your body and release chemicals including histamines to fight off hostile allergens.

But those of us who take bee pollen on a fairly consistent basis will be able to desensitize our bodies and immune systems to the pollen that travels widely through the atmosphere during each allergy season. The body gets used to the pollen and is suddenly not so overanxious to go after it and cause a reaction each time it is found in the bloodstream.

The body will build up its defenses over time, avoiding future overreactions that cause problems for as many as 40 million Americans each year.

In the case of Tish’s son, a combination of her own locally-sourced and organically-produced bee pollen and raw honey was enough to completely turn his serious allergy problems around. She also used pollen and honey to stay strong during her cancer treatments and was able to survive and now thrive.

Now, she travels to farmer’s markets selling her products, and disseminates information on the incredible benefits of the fruits of her bees’ labor.

This allergy-fighting ability is just one of the many benefits of bee pollen that may be surprising to some.

Bee Pollen Benefits include muscle building support.

Bee Pollen Benefits include muscle building support.



Choosing the Right Bee Pollen and Reaping the Benefits  

When searching for bee pollen to buy, there are several things to keep in mind. The best bee pollen for fighting allergy issues is locally-produced, as it will contain material from many of the plants that are grown in your area and allow you to build up a healthy resistance. 

You also want to try your best to buy from beekeepers who work in and source their products from organic areas. Genetically modified material can be found in honey and bee pollen, so look for sources that are organic as possible and make sure to ask plenty of questions.

Buying direct from farmers or beekeepers at farmer’s markets is also wise as commercial supplements may be heated, destroying the nutrient content and the beneficial microscopic properties of the pollen.

You should also look for pollen with a variety of subtle colors found within its usual yellowish color, as this indicates that it was collected from a large amount of different sources and is more robust nutritionally.

Other benefits of bee pollen may include:

  • Increased energy- Bee pollen is extremely nutrient-dense considering it carries materials from so many different plants.
  • Support for athletes and weightlifters- Bee pollen is incredible for recovery after stressed athletic performance, according to a long-term study conducted by the Pratt Institute in New York. It is a favorite among bodybuilders overseas, particularly in Russia, and is gaining more fame in the U.S. for those reasons.
  • Weight loss- Honeybee pollen is the greatest body-builder on Earth, contributing not one ounce to obesity or excess fat, and should be the cornerstone for every weight-loss diet,” said F. Huber, a German naturalist. Taken in a teaspoon 10-15 minutes before eating, bee pollen can help aid metabolism and digestion as well.
  • Skin restoration- Bee pollen is excellent for acne, age spots and wrinkles according to several overseas studies.
  • Fertility support- The venerable pollen contains natural hormone-balancing substances according to a report from Soma Magazine, which can benefit fertility and sexual health in both men and women.
  • Survival food- According to Alin Caillas, a French agriculturalist, bee pollen when taken in 35-gram doses per day can provide enough nutrition to satisfy a person’s daily needs. 
  • Migraine relief- Many people report that taking bee pollen aids their relief of migraine headaches.
  • Menstrual cramp relief- Taken with at least 8 ounces of water, bee pollen helps to alleviate the cramps associated with the menstrual cycle in women naturally, one of its many surprising benefits.
  • Prostate support- Again showing its versatility, bee pollen can help in one major area of need for men by shrinking prostate glands, as reported by several doctors.

Instructions for Taking Bee Pollen

The benefits of bee pollen make it well worth incorporating into your daily diet, but caution should be exercised before taking too much of it. It’s important to acclimate your body to the pollen slowly before you know how it may react, or severe adverse allergic situations could occur. Consult your doctor before beginning a bee pollen regimen. 

Tish recommends taking ¼ of a teaspoon daily for the first week, followed by a ½ teaspoon in the second week daily and then ¾ teaspoons daily for the third week

The recommended maximum dose is 1 teaspoonful daily in order to enjoy maximum benefits from the bee pollen, although seem people take more. 

You can taken it with a little bit of water or add to your smoothies as is common practice at many health-conscious smoothie and juice bars. It won’t add too much flavor, and the flavor that is there is fairly bland and easy to get used to. 

If you can’t find local bee pollen in your area that’s organic, you may want to order some from an area with similar geographical and environmental features. 

You can search through a selection of organic bee pollen products here. I paid upwards of $50.00 for mine at the farmer’s market, but organic bee pollen can be found online for much cheaper

This article is for informational purposes and should not constitute medical advice. Consult a licensed health professional first.  

Sources: http://beepollen.info/ (includes links to 26 different studies)

Bee Pollen as a Superfood

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