Holistic Doctor Warns: 80% Of Olive Oil is Fake — Watch For These Six Things


A few years back, Dr. David Brownstein, a holistic medical doctor based in the wealthy suburb city of West Bloomfield, Michigan, shared a post on his blog titled ‘I Want My Seven Hours Back.’

In it, he described how he spent nearly seven hours taking a board exam that focused almost entirely on drugs, with few if any questions about nutrition.

One branch of healing that studies nutrition and other whole-picture healing modalities is chiropractic.

Among chiropractors, Dr. Eric Berg of Alexandria, Virginia stands out.

Dr. Berg has a YouTube channel with nearly nine million subscribers, where he shares advice on nutrition, food quality and other topics of interest.

Dr. Berg: Three Ways to Spot Fake Olive Oil

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These are Dr. Berg’s six ways to know you’re buying real olive oil, and not fake olive oil laced with preservatives, GMO canola, and other toxic fillers.

1. You should feel something- 

Real olive oil is packed with oleocanthal, a phenolic compound (antioxidant) that creates a slight burning or coughing sensation at the back of the throat.

2. The Taste- 

Real olive oil has health benefits and a “fruity, peppery, pungent” taste.



3. Packaged in a Glass Bottle- 

Glass bottles preserve nutrients and prevent rancidity. Buy getting olive oil in a glass bottle you are getting a product with the nutrients preserved.

Buying olive oil in plastic bottles can cause chemicals to leak into the actual olive oil which can cause health issues over time.


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Three additional tips from Dr. Berg are as follows.

Look at these factors before purchasing olive oil in the store or buying it online.

4. The Cost- 

Authentic olive oil typically costs between $10-40 per bottle according to Dr. Berg. If you’re buying something that is only listed as a four or five-dollar value, there is a good chance that it may contain unhealthy additives like canola oil. Check the labels closely and examine the composition of the oil to see how thick and robust it is compared to mass-produced, commercially available olive oils.

5. Story- 

Real olive oil usually includes a country-of-origin label and info on and how it was harvested.

Artisan olive oil makers share information about where their oils come from and take pride in their craftsmanship.



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6. Pressed, Crushed, or Includes the Harvest Date- 

Oil from cold-pressed, crushed olives that includes info about when it was harvested is usually authentic.

When you think of olive oil as an investment, similar to a high quality bottle of wine, you will find something that not only tastes great but comes with a full spectrum of health benefits, and no negative side effects like many olive oils that contain rancid GMO canola oil as additives.



Brand of Olive Oil to Watch Out For and Avoid 

Some brands of olive oil that contain canola oil and other cheap additives include the following.

Watch out for the following brands: 

-Spectrum Organic (may contain canola oil)

-Capatriti Olive Oil

-Gourmet Imports

-Iberia Olive Oil

-Colavita Olive Oil

Learn more in the video from Dr. Berg below, and thanks so much for reading!


Nicholas J. Meyer

AltHealthWorks.com Founder

Nick Meyer AltHealthWorks.com

Check out Dr. Berg’s full list of tips for buying olive olive in the video below:


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