Holistic Doctor Shares: A Combination of These Three Foods Can Help Eliminate One of the Most Ubiquitous Thyroid Disorders

thyroid nodules


The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland near the Adam’s apple region of the throat that has an important role in metabolism, hormones, and the growth and development of the human body.

It helps to regulate many bodily functions, but it doesn’t always work properly in today’s nutrient-starved world.

Thyroid disease is incredibly common according to the latest statistics, as the Cleveland Clinic pointed out in a blog post.

An estimated 20 million people have some type of thyroid disorder. Women are about five to eight times more likely to be diagnosed with a thyroid condition compared with men. 

Perhaps one of the scariest known conditions are thyroid nodules, enlargements that occur often but usually go undiagnosed.

While 95 percent of these are benign according to naturopath Dr. Eric Berg, there is a possibility that they may become cancerous.

These nodules are found in about six percent of women and 1-2 percent of men, and tend to form more often as people get older.


Side Effects of Thyroid Nodules 

These lumps are not only frustrating in terms of their size and the way they may feel on your neck, but they may come with side effects including tremors, unexplained weight loss, nervousness, muscle weakness, difficulty sleeping and many others.

Surgery is a common option for removing these oversized nodules, but thyroid surgery can be fairly costly (between $7,000 and $14,000 typically) and about 9% of patients experienced some complication after thyroid surgery according to a December 2015 study in the journal Clinical Thyroidology for the Public

The study reviewed over 106,000 patients from a large California database.

thyroid gland

Possible side effects included:

  • Low blood calcium levels in 4.5% of patients
  • Vocal cord problems in 1.1% of patients
  • The need for a blood transfusion in 0.9% of patients
  • Wound infection in 0.4%
  • Death in .3%

If you want to avoid the side effects, costs and risks of thyroid surgery, there are health and lifestyle changes that work, according to Dr. Berg.


Six Ways to Shrink Thyroid Nodules Naturally

According to Dr. Berg, there are six main lifestyle and dietary changes worth experimenting with if you have thyroid nodules or suspect one may be growing in your thyroid region.

Ultrasounds can detect abnormalities, so be sure to consult a doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

The six ways are: 

  1. Eliminate Dairy- This is especially true of commercial milk products which may have unhealthy substances like pesticides and are from cattle fed an unnatural diet of genetically modified corn. Dairy has hormones in it which can stimulate the thyroid and cause unnecessary growth.
  2. Avoid Gluten- Majorly associated with Hashimoto’s according to Dr. Berg. Hasimoto’s is strongly associated with hypothyroid disorders.
  3. Raise Selenium Levels- Just two Brazil Nuts per day can help you reach daily requirements for Selenium. Buy Organic Brazil nuts here or learn more by watching this video.
  4. Take Zinc- Zinc is an important mineral for thyroid health. It works synergistically with magnesium. Buy a Zinc supplement here.
  5. Reduce High Estrogen- Women who are pregnant, estrogen dominant or taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy are more at-risk for thyroid nodules according to Dr. Berg.
  6. A Three-Pronged Attack- One study showed a combination of Spirulina, Turmeric, and Boswellia (Frankincense) can significantly reduce thyroid nodules.


You can buy organic spirulina tablets here.

Frankincense oil can be found here.

Most people do not tolerate the taste of spirulina well, which is why it may be a good idea to take organic spirulina tablets instead.

organic spirulina tablets

I notice immediate benefits in my respiratory health, circulation, and energy after taking organic spirulina.


Learn more in the full video below from Dr. Berg:


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