Hollywood Starlet, Inspired by Pregnancy Diet, Set to Launch New Organic Restaurant this Spring


If you were a multi-millionaire actress with an equally successful husband, would you eat organic as much as possible?

We already know that the world’s most influential and famous politicians do it (while hypocritically promoting GMOs), but now more and more celebrities are embracing the message of going organic for both health and environmental reasons.

In the case of the now-pregnant actress Jessica Biel, the choice was simple: organic and local is the way to go, and she’s putting her money where her mouth is with a whole new venture for spring 2015.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.


Restaurant Tweets: “Be Ready!”

Even though Biel and Timberlake have been planning for parenthood lately, as Biel is pregnant with their first child together, their entrepreneurial spirit has remained strong, especially in the case of Biel.

The new restaurant, which is being planned by Biel (Tmbelake offered to help but was reportedly rebuked due to past ventures not going so well), recently offered the following Tweet:

Be ready to get #fudged soon!!! Au Fudge finally got it’s permits!!

The restaurant in question is Au Fudge, which is being deemed as an “organic, kid-friendly cafe,” according to this article from the website Inquisitr.

Au Fudge is scheduled to open in spring 2015, and was inspired by Biel’s healthy pregnancy diet that follows many of the important trends taking the country by storm.

Biel’s Organic Focus

In order to give her baby the best nutrition (and the least amount of pesticide and toxin exposure) possible, Jessica Biel has been sourcing her food diectly from organic farms during the pregnancy, as reported by the website E! News:


She has been having deliveries from local farms so she can eat fresh organic produce and be as healthy as possible throughout the pregnancy. Being healthy is really important to her. She is very aware of the importance of eating well. She wants to have the best pregnancy possible.”

It is this approach that millions of people are adopting here in the United States and especially throughout the world as they look to support better health and to tackle the problem of genetically modified seeds and chemical companies locally.

The new restaurant, Au Fudge, will also include a bakery and it will open in West Hollywood, California in May.

Biel’s support for organic is not new. Other celebrities supporting organic and speaking out against Monsanto include Jim Carrey, Giselle Bunchen, Brad Pitt and many more (even Danny DeVito!).

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