How to Relax Your Eyes, Improve Your Vision, and Calm the Entire Nervous System with One Simple Exercise



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The world of healthcare has progressed significantly over the last century, as emergency medicine has helped the United States achieve one of the top 50 lifespans in the world despite our nation’s general state of ill health, with as many as 6 in 10 people currently suffering from a chronic disease.

But the cost of this progress has been an abandoning of all of the little things that make up a healthy lifestyle on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis.

Prescription drugs for example may reduce or eliminate symptoms, but they often exact a silent toll in the form of mineral deficiencies, the forcing of unnatural processes in the body, and more.

Lost in the shuffle are natural methods of healing, but buried deep in the natural health section of your favorite library are books that include a treasure trove of information on how to heal the body naturally, without artificial, man-made drugs.

One such method for healing naturally that has been mostly ignored by mainstream science is the Bates Method, a natural eye healing protocol that has been the subject of several different books, as well as the basis for the healing protocols of numerous naturopathic eye correction practitioners.

Within the method are several different exercises, including the palming method, which helps the user reach a state of deep relaxation in minutes, aiding in the quest for overall vision health while reducing eye strain, fatigue, and calming the entire nervous system in just minutes a day.


How to Do Palming for Eye Health and Relaxation: A Beginner’s Guide

The goal of palming, which has been made popular by the Bates Method and several other natural healing protocols, is to cover your closed eyes with your hands in a way that completely eliminates all of the pressure and strain on the delicate human eyeballs.

“Eye palming relaxes the eyes for clearer vision, reduces eye strain and fatigue, clears the brain from overstimulation, calms the entire nervous system,” said Dr. Annie Thoe, a natural eye healing practitioner from the organization Sensing Vitality.

Her particular practice is a combination of the Bates Method, which was first proposed way back in 1891 by Dr. William Horatio Bates, and the Feldenkrais Method, which is similar to a modern version of tai chi and works to restore a more relaxed state of body expression and movement, stretching all the way to the eyes and throughout the entire body.

Dr. Thoe’s specific palming practice takes just 30 seconds to one minute or longer, and can be seen in the video below:


“This short practice is one of the best remedies to reduce eye strain and mental fatigue,” Dr. Thoe said on her YouTube page, Sensing Vitality.

Dr. Thoe also has a website,, which includes MP3 audio lessons for deep-rooted vision correction, using these and other exercises to correct imbalances from a deeper level than simply prescribing glasses and contact lenses.

If you’d like to learn more about the Bates Method direct from the doctor who originated it and perfected it, you can also check out the official book, The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses,’ by clicking here.




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