How to Soothe Peptic Ulcers Naturally With This Common Household Plant


Aloe vera is not only one of the most important medicinal plants in the world, it also is not nearly as widespread as it should be.

Sure, you can go to the drug store and find aloe creams and lotions quite easily, but most of them are chock full of petrochemicals and other cheap fillers that give it a smooth texture but take away from its healing potency.

To make matters worse the aloe supplements and lotions you see on store shelves, even most of them at the health food store, are almost always from pasteurized aloe vera material, meaning that aloe vera will lose its potency quite quickly.

That’s also unfortunate because aloe vera is highly useful for a multitude of conditions, including peptic ulcers.

Peptic ulcers can be soothed naturally by aloe vera according to one Japanese study, which found that 9 out of 10 patients who drank the juice got at least some relief from their peptic ulcers. Another 1960 study found that virtually all of 18 patients, 17 in total, who took aloe vera juice found at least some relief from the ulcers.

Aloe vera works amazingly well to soothe peptic ulcers and can be grow at home.

Aloe vera works amazingly well to soothe peptic ulcers and can be grown at home.

Another study published in the journal “Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics,” almost half of participants saw a remission of their ulcerative colitis in just four weeks by taking the juice from the aloe vera plant twice a day.

Aloe vera can be enjoy in juices or smoothies simply by “fileting” the plant; in other words slicing it open and cutting off chunks of the gel to blend in with the other ingredients. Cucumbers, apples, and even strawberries are all good foods to blend or juice alongside aloe vera, and the juice/smoothies can be taken three times a day or more to accelerate healing.

Aloe vera provides a smooth, healing gel that is extracted easily from the plant, which often grows in desert-like or tropical areas. Aloe vera can also be grown easily and inexpensively at home, however, making it one of the best houseplants to have on hand for peptic ulcer sufferers.

In addition to these benefits, it’s great for digestion, aids in weight loss, helps to prevent cancer and much, much more, making it a true superfood.

The brand Aloe Force offers the only truly raw, unheated aloe product on the market which is recommended if you don’t have access to fresh aloe vera at home.

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