I Tried Organic Smoothie and Soups Delivery From Splendid Spoon and These Are My Honest Impressions


mint chocolate chip smoothie


Over the course of my holistic and organic food based health journey, few things have impacted my health in a more positive way than organic juices and organic smoothies.

My fascination with organic liquid nutrition first started with my reading of the book ‘The Hundred Year Lie’ by Randall Fitzgerald, which described how patients at a retreat center called The Hippocrates Institute began using it to heal and recover from all sorts of conditions ranging from fatigue to brain fogchronic fatigue, chronic disease and more.

Since then, I’ve spent countless hours perfecting my own juice or smoothie-making as a morning ritual.

I love making my own smoothies, but there are times when it becomes expensive and inconvenient, especially when I’m on my way to a morning appointment, workout, or trip to the basketball gym or yoga studio.

These are just a few scenarios in which organic pre-made smoothies like the ones from Splendid Spoon come in handy, and I must say I enjoyed these smoothies as much as any other pre-made ones I can remember.

The ingredients and flavors are top-notch, and eats includes superfoods you’ll be hard-pressed to include in your own smoothies at home.

Mint Chocolate Chip, Dragonfruit, Wellness Shots and More Oh My!

cherry wellness shot

I had the opportunity to try a wide variety of smoothies recently from Splendid Spoon thanks to a delivery of samples from the company for review purposes.

The first thing I did upon opening the box was to check out the ingredients, something that has become a habit of mine ever since learning about the importance of eating (and drinking) organic.

I must say, I was immediately impressed: Splendid Spoon is not only organic, it also contains ingredients typically not found in most store bought smoothies, and flavor combinations reminiscent more of an ice cream cone or health milkshake than a traditional health food.

Among the smoothie flavors I tried, the following were my favorites:

raspberry cacao smoothie

1. Raspberry Cacao- I really liked this smoothie a lot. It has all organic ingredients including organic bananas, purified water, and organic raspberries.

While this smoothie is a bit high in sugar, it also comes with 3.5 grams of fiber, something you won’t find in juices or juice cleanses, making it ideal for a busy professional.

Because there is fiber contained within the drink, the sugar is much more readily absorbed without spiking your blood sugar as high as pure fruit juices.

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I also love the bonus ingredients contained within these smoothies that are certified superfoods and ingredients in my book. Ingredients like Pink Himalayan Salt, which is rich in minerals, organic rose water, which enhances mood and relieves headaches, organic beet juice, which helps lower blood pressure and increases stamina during workouts, are just a few of the excellent ingredients here, along with organic pea protein, one of the cleanest and most easily digestible sources of protein.

If you could try one smoothie from this company (they’re on sale now for up $60 off as part of a meal plan from Splendid Spoon) this is the one I would recommend first.

dragon fruit smoothie

2. Dragon Fruit Berry- Dragonfruit is expensive at most grocery stores, but it’s packed with nutrients making it the perfect base for any healthy smoothie. Dragonfruit is high in fiber, may help lower blood sugar, and is rich in antioxidants, as evidenced by its unique and intense dark pink color.

The dragonfruit smoothie from Splendid Spoon also contains pineapple juice, which is excellent for aiding digestion, reducing asthma symptoms and aiding heart health, as well as avocado, which can be hard to find in a pre-made smoothie.

I love the convenience factor in this organic smoothie because avocado and dragonfruit take time to prepare and time to ripen, making them difficult to work into my daily routine.

It’s a lot easier with Splendid Spoon thanks to this delicious blend that also includes organic chia seeds and organic vanilla powder, two additional health boosting superfoods.


3. Cherry Recovery Shot- At just three ounces, these wellness shots pack a punch for recovering from your morning workout with a shot of organic nutrition packed into a small bottle.

I received a handful of these shots with my order along with soups and smoothies, and kept them in my freezer to give them the texture of a popsicle or slushie before drinking them.

I really liked the combination of nutrients in these, too.

Among the star ingredients are organic cherry juice, which relieves pain, soothes muscles, and helps to relax the body, mind and spirit, organic beet juice, which improves blood flow and reduces inflammation, and organic watermelon juice, a natural source of nitric oxide for boosting blood flow, improving sexual health and relieivng muscle soreness.

These recovery shots really made my fridge feel full and abundant and were a welcome addition to the Splendid Spoon meal plan I tried.

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Final Verdict on Splendid Spoon’s Organic Smoothie Delivery Service

Overall, I loved the Splendid Spoon smoothies and thought the price was right looking at how much these meals typically fetch online.

The smoothies are filling, nutrient and mineral rich. They’re also convenient and delicious, tasting like a vegan ice cream or “nice cream” without too much sugar and just enough fiber to keep my blood sugar levels feeling balanced (mint chocolate chip was another flavor I absolutely loved).

The wellness shots add a nice touch as well.

I do feel as though the company could improve the meals portion of their service, however.

The meals I received were mostly soups, and most of them had tofu or other soy based ingredients as a small part of the recipe.

The soups I tried were all non-GMO and delicious, however.


After speaking with the company, I was delighted to learn that Splendid Spoon offers soy-free meal options for anyone looking to avoid soy (check out their selection or make an order here, you can use the tab shown below to select all soy-free soups, grain bowls, and more offered by the company).

splendid spoon


Special thanks to Splendid Spoon for providing these smoothie and soup samples.

If I get a chance to try them again I will definitely choose the soy-free option and go big on the smoothies, including Raspberry Cacao, Mint Chocolate Chip and Dragon Fruit Berry.




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