In Pictures: An Unforgettable Visit to Wellneste Lodge and Nature Sanctuary in Upstate New York


wellneste lodge and nature sanctuary new york

Jane Goodall’s Treehouse and Henry David Thoreau Cabin in Taberg, New York.





Over the course of nearly 20 years as a journalist, I’ve been privileged to journey across the country, from natural health centers to events and conferences, and everything in between.

This past spring I had the opportunity to visit what has quickly become one of my favorite, and most inspirational little places on Earth: Wellneste Lodge and Nature Sanctuary.

The goal was to catalogue what life is like in a secluded natural area where local organic farmers and artisans sell their wares, foraging for food is a daily delight, and a natural, more connected way of living takes center stage.

While on-site at Wellneste, my friend Partha and I foraged for morel mushrooms and ramps (also known as wild garlic or wild leeks), explored and photographed the grounds, and got to know our hosts as we became enamored with a slower-paced, healthier style of living.

Situated on 60 acres in Taberg in Upstate New York, Wellneste is about 3 hours due east of Niagara Falls, and about an hour north of Salmon Falls.

This place is simply too unique and memorable to describe (it’s something you have to experience first-hand), but the pictures do it some justice.










wellneste lodge




Upon arriving, Partha and I met with residents staying at Marin’s Cabin, a spacious log cabin located directly on the banks of Fish Creek, one of New York’s top fishing and whitewater kayaking rivers.

The wild, untamed river provides a soothing and exciting natural “white noise” effect for all who stay on the grounds, as well as myriad wading, bathing, relaxing, and kayaking opportunities.





The water was crisp, cold and refreshing on my visit.

These cabins book fast during the summer and fall months, so be sure to book your stay if you’re at all on the fence about going.

Do not hesitate if you want to get a trip in this year!





Although Marin’s Cabin would be my preferred place to stay, the most memorable cabin at Wellneste is hands-down Jane Goodall’s Treehouse, nestled snugly in a wooded area adjacent to Wellneste’s the river and hiking trails.

Wellneste is well-known as one of the Top 5 Honeymoon Attractions in Upstate New York, and the romantic ambiance of the grounds is hard to deny.

A couple staying at the Treehouse got engaged during my time here, and they seemed to be loving every minute of their stay.






Wellneste was created by Christophe Marin, a French immigrant, former Army Green Beret, biologist, entrepreneur and conservationist.

Upon arrival, Christophe welcomed us with open arms, and was a gracious and kind host the entire time.

Also welcoming us on our stay were Dave and Jessica, a couple who live on a farm nearby, while also helping Christophe maintain the grounds and serve guests.

Dave and Jessica’s produce is sold on the Wellneste Grounds, including honey and maple syrup, the latter of which I purchased at the conclusion of my stay.

It really doesn’t get any better than enjoying healthy, nourishing local, organic, and wild foraged food while taking in the sights and sounds of nature.

Speaking of nature, chickens, ducks, and the hosts’ beloved “mutts” roam the grounds, greeting guests and providing hours of entertainment for all who visit.





Altogether, our visit to Wellneste was as exciting as it was enjoyable and refreshing.

If you’d like to learn more about Wellneste and the different cabins and amenities they offer, check out their website here.

Special thanks to Christophe, who provided us with a free stay and were gracious hosts, as well as Dave for helping us find morel mushrooms and leeks in the nearby woods.

Check out my YouTube channel’s video below with stunning drone footage of the stunning Salmon Falls courtesy of Partha (follow him on Instagram here), and feel free to leave a comment or give us a like if you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed putting it together.




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