Increase Your VO2 Max Naturally with the Popular Herb Peppermint


Millions of people around the world count themselves as athletes, whether casual or serious, and they’re all looking for that special edge to take their game to the next level.

One of the most important markers for athletic health and performance is the VO2 max, a common measurement of a person’s aerobic capacity that world-class athletes are particularly high in.

For those athletes looking to increase their VO2 max naturally, it’s hard to top the common herb (and essential oil) peppermint, which of course has a fresh, invigorating scent and taste that many people love, and one that goes well in many different recipes.

Peppermint is a dynamite supplement for athletes according to research from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

The journal conducted a study during which ten healthy male students consumed one 500 ml bottle of mineral water that contained just .05 ml of essential oil, which is actually a surprisingly potent amount.

They took the peppermint oil in water a day after tests measuring their physical fitness were conducted without it. In the end, the results were impressive.

Peppermint is a great booster for VO2 max.


Researchers found that “time to exhaustion, work, and power” all “significantly increased” thanks to the support of using peppermint oil.

In addition, those who took the peppermint oil water had a higher VO2 max, which basically means they demonstrated a higher aerobic capacity thanks to the oil.

The benefits of peppermint and peppermint oil in the realm of athletic performance are clear, but peppermint is also excellent for pain relief, memory, and acting as a natural decongestant, making it an excellent all-around oil or supplement to use.

Peppermint is also quite useful for consuming after a meal while swishing water around in your mouth. Middle Eastern restaurants often serve mint leaves in a vegetable tray after each meal so that patrons can clean their teeth naturally.

If you’re going to try peppermint oil I would suggest peppermint oil from the doTERRA company, which is among the most pure varieties on the market (others use unhealthy carrier oils that are mixed in). DoTERRA and Young Living are among the best that I’ve found, although some other brands are okay for using for an aromatherapy purpose.


Sample recommended dosage: Chew a small handful leaves after a meal, use a couple drops of the oil per 8 oz. of water, or add a smaller handful of leaves into a smoothie or salad for flavor and the extra benefits. The oil is also excellent for sniffing or applying topically.

This information is partially taken from Nick’s recent book ‘Performance Upgrade: The Top 50 Herbs for Men’s Health.’  You can learn more about the book (for Amazon Kindle, PC and Mac) by clicking on this link

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