Lawsuit Filed Against the Kroger Company Over Allegations That Its Products (Including Organic) Contained Potentially Dangerous Amounts of Lead


kroger lead lawsuit organic

One of the products named in the lawsuit.


The Kroger Company is one of the largest grocery store chains in the United States, and it has long been recognized as a leader in the mainstream organic foods movement.

Through its brand ‘Simple Truth,’ Kroger puts out as much or more organic food than the vast majority of U.S. stores, including non-GMO and “natural” brands as well, although some might not be as always be as natural as the company claims.

Recently, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based grocer found itself on the receiving end of a surprising lawsuit, after tests found that the company’s products may expose customers to higher than expected amounts of lead under the laws of one state in particular.

Kroger Products Allegedly Violate Laws on Lead 


Kroger operates more than 300 stores in California under the names Food 4 Less, Foodsco, Ralphs and Ralphs Fresh Fare, according to a report from

Among its thousands of products on store shelves are numerous organic items including frozen fruit, organic fruit, organic vegetables, packaged food products and more.

According to the website, a lawsuit has been filed by Ecological Alliance in Los Angeles Superior Court seeking to eliminate the sale of certain Kroger products in the Golden State.

The following products are accused of containing “dangerous” levels of lead: 

  • Kroger Spinach with Bacon salad kits, with an estimated 70 times the amount of lead considered to be safe
  • Kroger Single Serving Canned Sweet Peas & Carrots, 66 times
  • Simple Truth Organic Yellow Cling Diced Peaches & Pears, 22 times
  • Kroger Crumbdillyicious Graham Crackers, 22 times
  • Simple Truth Organic Frozen Berry Medley, 16 times
  • Kroger Cinnamon Raisin Pre-Sliced Bagels, 13 times
  • Simple Truth Organic 100% Whole Wheat Spaghetti, 13 times

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Kroger is being urged to either reduce the lead content or to add a prominent health warning to the packaging.

In California, laws are stricter than other states in terms of warning labels on substances allowed in foods.

“Kroger is betraying the American public by selling over a dozen products tainted with extraordinarily high amounts of lead,” said attorney Vineet Dubey, who filed the lawsuit, in a prepared statement.

Kroger reportedly did not address the specific findings of the Alliance’s lawsuit, but said it stands behind its products.

“We generally don’t comment on litigation; however, we stand behind our products and take pride in providing safe, affordable and nutritious food,” the company said in a statement.


Other products said to be at risk include the following: 

  • Kroger Canned Sliced Beets
  • Kroger Frozen Italian Style Green Beans
  • Kroger Cinnapuff Breakfast Cereal
  • Kroger Strawberry Applesauce
  • Kroger Canned Diced Jalapeno Peppers
  • Simple Truth Organic Raisin Bran
  • Simple Truth Organic Cinnamon Breakfast Cookies
  • Private Selection Frozen Whole Strawberries




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