Completely Natural “Micracle Berry” Can Make Even Sour Foods Taste Sweet

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Fresh miracle berries. Photo by Hamale Lyman


When I first heard of miracle berries, I thought it was a scam, a joke, anything but real. My friends thought it sounded like a party drug. People online were also skeptical to say the least.

After researching it and trying it myself, I found out that this little red berry is nothing to be wary of, on the opposite, it is a really fun thing to eat, and here’s why: eating a miracle berry will make sour foods taste sweet for a short period of time.

You can even eat a whole lemon and it will taste like the sweetest, most amazing lemonade you have ever had.

I have personally been blown away but the taste of grapefruit – not only did the miracle berry remove the sour taste, but it had the effect of positively changing the bitter taste too.

The best part is that this is completely safe, natural, and legal (It’s even popular for kids’ parties). It’s not a “high” that is responsible for this unique effect; the berry only affects the taste buds.

Medicinally, miracle berries can also help curb sugar cravings and can become a beneficial tool to those on strict diets, as well as diabetics. It’s a real sugar-free sweetener created by nature.

The most popular use for these berries, however, remains for hosting “flavor tripping parties.”

How Miracle Berry Works: The REAL Sugar-Free Sweetener

Miracle berry or miracle fruit is the fruit from the Synsepalum dulcificum plant, which grows in West Africa. The “miracle” effect it produces – making sour taste extraordinary sweet – comes from a protein called miraculin, which numbs the sour and bitter taste buds…temporarily, from 20 minutes to an hour on average. It works just long enough to enjoy a meal or to host a tasting party.

The berry has been called a miracle for the longest time as the mechanism of miraculin has only been discovered at the University of Tokyo by researcher Keiko Abe and her team in 2010.

eating a lemon

Miracle berries can make even lemons taste like sweet lemonade thanks to a unique type of protein.

This discovery led to a potential for this berry to be used as natural sweetener in the recent future.

“Industrially, we are interested in a large-scale production of miraculin because it has a good, sucrose-like taste and combines a non-caloric property, since developing a safe sweetener for anti-diabetes and anti-obesity uses is of pressing importance,”  Keiko Abe said.


In Japan, the berry is already gaining its popularity as a food used during diets. In the US, because the FDA labeled it as an additive, they stopped any further testing to see how it can be beneficial for people.

If you want to try it for yourself, hosting a flavor tripping experience for your friends or your family is the most popular and fun way to do it.

Hosting a Miracle Berry Party

A flavor-tripping party does not require much: purchase some berries and get a list of foods recommended to go with it. My own favorites are all citrus fruits (lemons, limes, grapefruits), berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), and salt & vinegar potato chips.

In my own experience, all of the citruses start tasting like an out-of-this-world lemonade. The berries such as strawberries will become the best strawberry you have ever tasted.

And salt and vinegar chips are the most unexpected one, creating a unique sweet vinegar flavor.

Because flavor-tripping parties have now gained popularity, there are many blogs who will tell you about their own experiences. Combining all of them into one, here is a longer list of things that people buy for the parties:

-Apple Cider Vinegar
-Balsamic vinegar
-BBQ sauce
-Bleu cheese
-Cottage cheese
-Cream cheese
-Dark chocolate
-Goat cheese
-Hot sauce
-Salt and vinegar chips
-Sour candies

Adults only:

-Beer, especially Guinness


Where to buy it?

I’ve yet to see this berry being sold in local stores, but luckily just about anything can be found online nowadays, and with a good amount of reviews to help make a decision.

The one I personally bought were Miracle Frooties, which are miracle berry tablets.

To make it the company mixed dried miracle fruit pulp with potato starch and maltodextrin; one post on Amazon noted that the company’s maltodextrin (corn-derived) is non-GMO.

There are 10 tablets in a box, and they keep for a long time if not used. The company recommends not chewing the tablet but letting it dissolve naturally on the tongue. These tablets worked for me every time, and have a 4.5 star rating from almost 400 other consumers.

If those become out of stock, there is a second more popular company that makes the tablets called MBerry. They only have two ingredients: miracle berry and corn starch (non-GMO). This product has a 4-star rating with over 2,000 reviews.

Another option is to buy fresh berries online. In a 15-berry pack, Ethan’s Garden will ship out fresh berries straight to your home from a Florida farm using an overnight shipping.

Watch other people’s reactions:

Kids love it too – even how Brussels sprouts taste:

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