Monsanto’s Deceptive Super Bowl Ad Has Been Spoofed (and the Results are Hilarious)

Did you happen to catch Monsanto’s Super Bowl ad this year? It popped up right after halftime but seemed so out of place that millions of people likely missed it.

Monsanto’s Super Bowl commercial was an entirely forgettable and vanilla 30-second spot about “moms as CEOS” of family farms, until the deceptive parts seeming to correlate GMO farmers with a philosophy of “never cutting corners” came about, that is.

We don’t want to give the commercial any more YouTube views or exposure in general on this website, so instead we’d like to tell you about a delightful little spoof of the commercial by the YouTube Channel HLG Studios, which pokes fun at Monsanto by relaying the true message of what most people see when they think of the name Monsanto these days. See the video below:

YouTube Video Spoofs Monsanto Ad


Highlights of the Monsanto commercial spoof include: 

“At Monsanto our fruits and vegetables, much like Spider-Man, are genetically engineered to withstand nature’s Hitler-esque assault on our food.”


“Monsanto: Because God just isn’t doing a good enough job”


“What do you think when you look at an apple? Nature…health…God’s gift to humanity maybe? Or maybe something that will eventually rot, die and leave you just like everyone you’ve ever loved.”

Of course, the GMO apple isn’t on the market yet and it’s actually made by a different company, Okanagan Specialty Fruits, and Monsanto hasn’t yet developed a GMO watermelon as the video implies.

It’s important to know the main sources of GMOs are corn, soy, canola, cotton and sugar beets as of right now with a few outliers, but hey, they’re just jokes, and after all the online activism we’ve been doing to contain the spread of GMOs and eventually take our food back, we could use a few laughs, even if they’re not based on 100 percent accurate information.




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