Months Before a Monsanto Lobbyist Boasted About Drinking Roundup, Stephen Colbert Actually Had the Guts to Do It (Sort Of)


In today’s day and age of pro-Big-Corporate media, it seems like the only ones who can get away with presenting the truth are comedians, in coded and oftentimes satirical messages, anyway.

For several years, late night comedy hosts such as Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have been beacons of hope for CNN, MSNBC and Fox News defectors, spot-on with their scathing indictments of a failing, and flailing, American political system that’s become increasingly fascist in nature.

Monsanto has been a frequent target of the likes of Stewart and Bill Maher, producing countless laugh-out-loud funny (and provocative) moments. But one particularly classic clip from the The Colbert Report seems to have been overlooked by the masses.

Not only was it hilarious (watch the video at the bottom of this article  where Colbert proclaims himself to be “Roundup Ready” while taking a few  sips of what is presented to viewers as being Monsanto’s cancer-linked Roundup) but it was also borderline prophetic.

colbert man drinks roundup

Stephen Colbert prepares to “drink Roundup” on his show.



You might remember the infamous “Monsanto Lobbyist Refuses to Drink Glyphosate” video, which made international news headlines and shined the spotlight on the hubris and arrogance of those who defend and promote agrochemicals and GMOs.

The “Monsanto lobbyist” in the video, Patrick Moore, is technically not an official lobbyist for the GMO giant (although he does have strong ties to the GMO industry and other big corporate interests), but he was exposed as a total shill for the agrochemical industry:

Moore’s cowardly boast got plenty of headlines, but few realize that it was Colbert who set the trend by actually having the guts (and blatant disregard for his own personal well-being) to drink the stuff back in June 2014.

Okay, okay, so it was probably a freshly-poured liter of Fiji water from the a mini-fridge in the green room and not actual Roundup in that bottle, but Colbert made his point, mocking the absurdity of consuming considerable amounts of a toxic weedkiller as millions of people do in their food every day.

And as usual, the results were hilarious. Take a look:





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