Natural Treatment for Hepatitis B Virus: Can the Tibetan Herbal Blend Padma Basic Help?

Hepatitis is considered to be a very difficult disease to treat, especially when patients follow the “conventional” and “modern” protocol as a response to their diagnoses.

But one ancient herbal blend in particular has shown remarkable promise against the hepatitis B virus. In addition, current clinical experience also indicates that it may be equally effective in treating hepatitis C, according to the book ‘Padma Basic: An Ancient Tibetan Herbal Formula.’ 

One thing that many people will find as they search for natural treatments or even “cures (although I don’t like that word because it seems to imply that you can find one “magic pill” to reverse years of bad choices)”, is that there are many studies that have been hidden over time that show great promise but never saw the light of day because of the pharmaceutical companies’ influence and power in keeping their more expensive drugs as the number one option for “healing.”

In the case of hepatitis B and C, there are numerous particular studies that show a ton of promise for people looking for a natural treatment for these diseases.

Studies Detail Possible Natural Hepatitis Treatment

Studies have shown that the Padma Basic formula, a synergistic blend of herbs of Tibetan origin, has been proven effective against both the hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses.

In clinical and experimental studies on the herpes virus published in Germany, Padma Basic, the herbal blend with a rich history of medicinal use in Tibet and other countries, was found to significantly increase the body’s production of interferon and to regulate the body’s immune system. Interferon is a substance that works by increasing antiviral activity and decreasing white blood cells, meaning that the herbal blend actually strengthens your body’s defenses against the disease from the inside-out.

Another study in Psychotherapy Research in 1993 involving 34 patients with chronic hepatitis took place over a whole year, and the patients were monitored both clinically and through laboratory tests. The study showed more promising results: At the end of the year, more than 75 percent of the participants either had normal T-cell counts or had a stronger immune system. In addition, they did not experience any liver inflammation.

Still another study showed even more promise for people with chronic hepatitis B. The study followed 126 adults and 52 children with the debilitating ailment over the course of two years.

Each was given a capsule of Padma Basic (which can be found here) three times a day. At the end of the study, the results for a good portion of them were unbelievable: they had no viral activity whatsoever in their bodies.

Also, a total of 90 percent of them had an improvement in their T-cells and also noticed a major improvement in their overall immune response.

Unripe neem fruit, which is part of the Padma Basic blend (in its ripened state).

Unripe neem fruit, which is part of the Padma Basic blend (in its ripened state).

While hepatitis can be difficult to deal with and highly contagious, it seems as if there are some natural ways that could make a huge difference if given the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t subscribe to herbal treatment protocols and instead rely on expensive drugs that oftentimes don’t work or have dangerous side effects.

Where to Try Padma Basic

Padma Basic is a formula that includes 19 different ingredients ranging from Bael Fruit to Irish Moss to Clove Flower and Neem Fruit, one that had been unknown in many parts of the world before its recent revival.

In addition to hepatitis treatments, Padma Basic has actually been shown to be effective as a possible alternative to root canal treatments.

Here’s the link if you’d like to try Padma Basic.

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Also, please note that the information in this article is for informational purposes only and is not meant to constitute medical advice. Consult a physician if you feel that you need medical advice for a condition such as hepatitis. 

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