Nutribullet Product Review: Better than a Juicer?

The Nutribullet blender has made waves with its recent TV advertising blitz as well as through word of mouth and other avenues, but is it really a breakthrough product for people who haven’t had the best luck with juicers?

Similar to the well known Magic Bullet product, the Nutribullet is a small personal blender designed for convenience and speed, with a little extra power added to the mix this time around.

Despite commercial boasts that it is a unique product serving as an “extractor” of nutrients, it is for all intents and purposes a mini-blender that makes smoothies rather than traditional juices.

While I already owned a state-of-the-art Omega VRT slow juicer, I still decided to purchase the Nutribullet as a complementary device, and I certainly haven’t been disappointed so far.

In fact, it has supplanted the Omega VRT as my go-to drink maker, especially for green smoothies/drinks.

The Nutribullet can be purchased online by clicking here.

So, what makes the Nutribullet such a shrewd purchase?

Why I Use the Nutribullet More than My Juicer

While I love juicing and feel that it has advantages over blending such as a more efficient, speedy delivery of nutrients to your system, it’s hard to beat the convenience factor of the Nutribullet. The problems posed by cleaning juicers day after day are enough to make many people give up or at least stop drinking fresh juice, but the Nutribullet solves those problems, making it a great purchase for the everyday consumer.

For me, the morning is always the best time to have a homemade smoothie or juice, but juicing with the VRT and cleaning it out before work in the morning was becoming a little too difficult to do every day.

With the Nutribullet, all I have to do is fill the custom-sized containers with vegetables and/or fruits, a little water, and other ingredients, snap the lid in place that comes with blades attached, and pop it into the processor, which I keep on my kitchen table.

It blends each mixture effortlessly; some seeds may be left over and/or hard to blend but I haven’t had too any other real problems with completing the process yet.

Cleanup is even easier: Just rinse out the container and the lid with the blades and place them in the dishwasher afterward. That’s it, and it’s a Godsend compared to having to scrub my juicer for several minutes, desperately trying to get into every unseen nook and cranny with the specialized toothbrush-like cleaner that is provided.

According to the Nutribullet blog, juicing delivers nutrients faster into the bloodstream and gives your digestive system a break, which is an excellent advantage to have and something I’ve kept in mind. You can also drink more juice and get more direct nutrients, bypassing the fiber (pulp).

But the Nutribullet allows you to get a more complete mixture of everything each vegetable or fruit has to offer including fiber, and its blended smoothies won’t raise your blood sugar quite as fast when fruit is used compared to homemade fruit juice.

It’s like a much smaller, less powerful version of the Vitamix blender that is revered in natural health circles, and it’s definitely one of my most-used products at home, especially because of the convenience factor.

At a price of around 100 bucks depending on where you buy it, I don’t consider it as being too pricey considering how much I use it.

While it would be nice if I didn’t have to water down my green smoothies, I’ve been completely satisfied with the product so far, and it makes a great gift, especially for family members who want to work more fruits and vegetables into their diets but don’t want to deal with the hassle of juicing.

It’s incredibly light and easy to use and even better for traveling. Considering the temptations of the road food-wise and the lack of quality juice options, taking a Nutribullet with you could be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make, and it’s much easier than bringing an Omega VRT or a Vitamix. You can even grab the blending container and take your smoothie with you on the road as you head out the door to work in the morning if needed.

Where to Buy the Nutribullet Online 

To purchase the Nutribullet online, you can click on this link.

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