NutriBullet Sued By 22 People For Severe Burns and Injuries Caused by Sudden Explosions. Here’s What You Need to Know.

NutriBullet injuries

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With the growing interest in healthy shakes and morning smoothies, one product became a household name. It may be known thanks to its 30-minute long morning infomercials or being promoted by famous nutritional and wellness coaches, but most people simply know it as a quality product for anyone who wants to get healthy.

NutriBullet, a popular and world-known blender, boasts of being “The World’s Original Nutrient Extractor.” It does the job of making nutritious green smoothies easy and quick.

However, this useful and well-liked device has its dark side. Multiple reports have been made about this appliance suddenly exploding and causing injuries – even sending people to the hospital. In multiple cases this has led to lawsuits against the company.

While NutriBullet has rejected all claims against it; the injuries that happened are very real. To prevent this from happening again, learning from the cases of injuries can save you from harm, while still being able to use and enjoy the product.

What You Should Never Do With a NutriBullet

A least 22 people are suing NutriBullet’s maker Homeland Housewares for burns and other injuries caused by NutriBullets exploding during use.

The cases claim that the way this kitchen appliance is designed can lead to injuries.

NutriBullet works using a powerful 600-watt motor. This power can also lead to the device overheating easily.

Some customers call this downright dangerous.”

Pete Damiano received severe facial injuries after NutriBullet exploded while he was making a sauce. He said he was thankful that it has not permanently blinded him.

I want to tell the people don’t use this product no more because it’s dangerous,” said Rosa Rivera, one of the customers who was severely burned during one of these NutriBullet explosions.


Even though this information and lawsuits are emerging recently, this risk is not new. In fact, the company knows that the appliance can overheat. They even state it in the warning list that comes with every NutriBullet purchase – a NutriBullet should not be used for more than 60 seconds at a time.

Not every injury came from using the NutriBullet for a longer period of time than intended. The other common mistake is putting hot liquids or ingredients in the device. Because the incredible power of the NutriBullet’s motor comes with a risk of overheating, using anything hot in it is a literal recipe for disaster.

The NutriBullet’s warning insert clearly states: Do not put hot liquids.

However, attorney Danny Abir who represents two women suing the NutriBullet’s manufacturer says that these explosions happen because of pressure build up inside the blender. This can happen with cold ingredients as well, merely from the speed of the motor heating everything up.

“The spinning creates heat and pressure inside the canister and the canister can blow up,” Abir said.

All of the 22 cases that Abir and other attorneys are working with come from just one law firm in Los Angeles, and there may be many more cases in other parts of the U.S. and the world.

“Had I known that that device, that NutriBullet could hurt me, I wouldn’t have used it and so that’s what I want people to know, is that those can hurt you,” said Sheryl Utal, who received second-degree burns after her NutriBullet exploded just 20 seconds after she turned it on.

NutriBullet’s Response to Customers’ Injuries

NutriBullet has answered to the lawsuits by stating that these incidents are rare and are due to misuse of the product:

“Reports of our blenders causing injury are extremely rare… We typically find customers have failed to adhere to the operating instructions and warnings provided.”

The warnings are included in the 9-page long manual that comes with the blender.  A NutriBullet spokesman said:

“In accordance with the directions provided in the instruction manual…users should have no issues…We take our customers’ safety seriously and recommend all consumers should always read and follow the instructions provided…There are clear warnings against incorrect and improper use repeated throughout the instruction manuals.

Consumers should not put hot liquids in any of the blending vessels (cups), should not leave the unit unattended during use and additionally should never exceed the maximum one minute blending time.

Exceeding one minute is unnecessary when preparing a cool smoothie. All of these points are clearly explained in the instruction manual.”

If you are using NutriBullet and want to start and do so safely, make sure to follow these two rules to avoid overheating (and read the rest of the manual):

  • Do not use for longer than 60 seconds at a time.
  • Do not put hot liquids.

Watch a news report about the injuries:

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