One Simple Office Tweak Can Reduce Headache, Sore Throats and Coughs by up to 40 Percent, Study Says


Because of poor diets, stress, lack of sunlight, and foods lacking nutrients from depleted soil, millions of Americans will become unnecessarily sick as the fall and winter months continue.

But there are plenty of holistic ways to keep colds, and their symptoms, at bay that don’t cost a whole lot of money and don’t involve drugs with harmful side effects.

One of the best ways to ward off headaches, sore throats and coughs for example is a simple tweak that can be applied to your work or home office, or to your living environment in general.

A study conducted by Professor Tove Fjeld of the Agricultural University in Oslo, Norway discovered that when it comes to your health and environment, there’s one important area in which you simply cannot compromise.

Office plants can make a big difference.

Office plants can make a big difference in your health.


How to Avoid “Sick Building Syndrome”

Whether you work at home or manage an office full of employees, there may be one important one to keepheadaches, coughs, and sore throats at bay that doesn’t involve nutrition at all: to buy more plants for your office space.

For people who still don’t believe in the power of simply having a more green environment to live in and to view each day, Fjeld’s study was a real eye-opener.

He conducted a crossover study among 51 offices; during one period, plants were placed in the offices. During another period, the plants were not included.

For the purposes of the study, all participants worked in single offices with a floor area of 10 square meters and a window that covered most of the outer wall.

The plants utilized were 13 common foliage varieties placed in three containers on a window bench, and a terracotta container with plants was also included in the back corner of the office.

The results of the study can be seen below:



Altogether, the mean of 12 symptoms known as the score sum was 23% lower during the period when the participants included plants in their offices.

Neuro-psychological and mucous membrane symptoms were also “significantly reduced’ although skin symptoms seemed unaffected by the presence of plants according to Fjeld’s study, conducted in 1998

Plants Proven to Create Positive Healthful Effects

The Fjeld study is far from isolated when it comes to demonstrating the effects of plants on overall health, even as a mere backdrop.

For example, a study conducted by Dr. Virginia Lohr at Washington State University found that plants can lower computer lab test participants’ stress (systolic blood pressure was lower) while raising attentiveness and reaction times.

Another study published in 2012 in the Journal of alternative and complementary medicine found that natural hospital environments can “positively influence patients’ well-being” and reduce their stress levels.

It’s even more evidence of why everyone, everywhere, would be wise to get more green in their everyday lives, whether you’re at the office, out on a walk or relaxing at home. 

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