Class Action Suit Alleges 29 of 46 Ingredients in This Baby Formula Are Not “Organic” After All


Because of the proliferation of genetically modified soy, glyphosate residues and other at-risk ingredients in baby formula, more and more mothers have begun making a change.

Whether they happen to switch to breastfeeding, organic formulas, or a combination of the two is their own personal choice, and something that the big companies are taking notice of these days, as well as their preference for non-GMO products.

For example Similac, the nation’s top baby formula company, recently made headlines when it announced it was coming out with a new line of non-GMO products.

But now, that same suddenly progressive company has been hit with a class action lawsuit over allegations that its organic baby formula wasn’t actually organic after all.

similac is a baby formula organic

A display of Similac products. Just days after announcing it had gone non-GMO, the brand has been hit with a lawsuit over alleged false organic ingredients.



Class Action Suit Announced

According to the lawsuit, published on, a whopping 26 of 49 ingredients included in the formula in question are not allowed to be in organic food.

The lawsuit says those ingredients, found in Similac Advance Organic Infant Formulas, contain some rather shocking ingredients: ones that were “irradiated substances, synthetic compounds, or produced from hazardous substances,” to be exact.

“As a result of its false and misleading labeling, Abbott was able to sell its ‘Organic’ Infant Formula to hundreds of thousands of consumers throughout the United States and to realize sizeable profits,” the lawsuit said.

The suit is seeking over $5 million in damages plus court costs, according to a release from the plaintiffs Sara Margentette, Matthew O’Neil Nighswander and Ellen Steinlien, who filed it on May 15.



What Should Parents Make of the “Fake Organic” Lawsuit?

While it seems admirable on the surface that Similac is making progress, this suit is yet another reminder of the dangers of trusting big food and “nutrition” companies like Similac parent corp. Abbott Nutrition with our food supply.

True organic, whole foods from local farmers and small producers are always your best bet, especially when it comes to feeding infants, toddlers, and young kids with developing bodies.

Many people are still not aware of what big companies can get away with under relaxed organic standards. For example mutagenesis, a process of irradiating seeds that many compare as being equal to GMO in terms of risks, is actually allowed in organic food (here’s a petition against it), believe it or not.

And as a general rule, whenever a huge corporation like Abbott gets involved with something meant to be as meticulously done and pristine as organic food should be, corners will be cut in order to make and preserve profits.

Whether these allegations will prove to be true remains to be seen, but consumers should be warned that this is one likely side effect of organic food going mainstream that we all need to be aware of moving forward, so we can continue to do our best as conscious consumers.

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