Organic Wine From California Comes From Abundant Natural Surroundings — Hand-Harvested, Elegant and Aromatic


Sofia Rivier

Sofia Rivier, a winemaker at Ettore organic vineyards in rural California.



I’ve been a big fan of wine since around the time I turned 21 years old, but most of the time, I play in the shallow end of the pool, so to speak.

I’ve never been one to invest big money in top-shelf liquor or other alcohol, usually preferring to stay in the medium price range.

When it comes to wines, I usually opt for a $5 to $10 bottle such as Primal Roots, a low-priced red wine found at supermarkets, or Trader Joe’s organic red and white wines, which are surprisingly cheap (and make me wonder of course, what is the catch?).

Recently, I had the chance to sample some organic wine from a pristine vineyard in California called Ettore.

This particular wine sample was a bottle of Chardonnay produced in 2018, and exquisitely aged ever since.

At first taste, I was not a big fan, but as it turns out, my education in high quality organic wine was just getting started.

Ettore: My New Favorite Organic Wine of All-Time 

ettore wine bottle organic


The first taste of this wine was surprisingly bitter for me.

I didn’t enjoy it all that much, although I was willing to continue to drink it to see how it meshed with my palette.

After all, this is someone who drinks spirulina and cayenne pepper-lemon-camu camu drinks for fun we’re talking about, here.

My taste buds are patient and they know how to discern a high-quality organic product from a cheaply produced one, and they know how to sift and search for complex and delicious flavors.

In this case, Ettore passed all the tests, and then some.

This is the best bottle of organic wine I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried quite a few of them.

What Sets Ettore Organic Wine Apart From the Competition 


I could bore you with the details of this particular brand of organic wine is so good, but your best bet is to try it for yourself.

Ettore Organic Chardonnay is $42.00 on the company’s website, and it’s worth every penny if you’re into high end wines in my personal opinion.

As I said before, I’m not wine savant, so take this with a grain of salt. That being said, the first thing I noticed about Ettore Chardonnay is its deep, rich golden hue, made from the finest organic grapes.

This winery is located 500-600 feet above sea level in Mendocino County, California northwest of Sacramento in some of the Golden Bear State’s most exquisite organic farming regions.

I’ve had a lot of white wines in my life, but this best qualifies as a “golden wine” in my book.

Ettore organic wine

Ignore the green salt lamp glow, this wine from Ettore organic vineyard has the most incredible golden color I’ve ever seen.


Secondly, I noticed that the wine was savory, with a flavor unlike any other white wine I’ve ever tasted.

The company’s website states that this wine is “satiny, ultrarich and deeply complex,” and I would definitely agree with that assessment.

I couldn’t quite tell what the extra flavors were beyond the white grapes, but this wine features layers of floral, butterscotch, fig, apricot and pear flavors that are “impeccably balanced,” and I would definitely agree with that assessment as well.

Once I got used to the complex, slightly-bitter-at-first taste, I began to explore all of these flavors, and I loved every one of them — even though I didn’t quite know what I was tasting at first.

This impromptu at-home taste test even gave me the chance to try out my new wine aerator, a simple tool that attaches to the end of a glass wine bottle adding more air bubbles to your glass of wine for a more enjoyable overall experience.
My bottle of Ettore was high end restaurant-quality, and that’s exactly why the aerator worked so well with it in my personal opinion.

The History of the Ettore Organic Wine Company

Ettore Biraghi

Ettore Organic Winery Founder Ettore Biraghi has experience all across Europe, but settled on California for its potential for organic wine growing.


Ettore traces its roots all the way back to Varese, Italy, a small city northwest of Milan in the country’s Lombardy region.

It is founded by winemaker Ettore Biraghi, the son of flower growers.

With his strong agricultural background and enterprising spirit, Ettore eventually moved on to the Swiss Alps region of Switzerland to perfect his craft, before settling in the tiny California town of Hopland in Medocino’s Sanel Valley.

The seasoned winemaker became fascinated by the grapes’ ability to ripen and produce expressive wine without any type of unnatural treatment, making it the perfect spot to open his new organic winery.

Eventually, he brought his talents to California, realizing a dream of producing first -class wines.

Visit Ettore’s Website and Try New Wines Here 

Ettore’s website can be found by clicking on this link.

Thank you for reading and I hope you get to sample this incredible organic Chardonnay, or any one of their other unique wine selections!

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