Petition Launched to Stop ‘Unlabeled, Unlawful’ GMO Salmon From Reaching U.S. Restaurants

GMO salmon being sold unlabeled.


The genetically modified salmon experiment hit a major snag recently when one of the biggest corporations selling the controversial fish was forced to halt operations due to a lack of interested customers.

The controversial ‘Frankenfish’ was originally sold at a market in Pennsylvania but customers almost certainly did not know it was genetically modified, because of a lack of labeling on the fish, which has been genetically altered in laboratory settings to grow twice as fast as regular fish from nature.

Now, a prominent watchdog organization is sounding the alarm on a potential backdoor ‘solution’ for genetically modified salmon that could land these controversial science experiments on your dinner table — without you even knowing it.


Diners, Restaurant Patrons Urged to Sign Petition 

The latest intel on the situation reveals that the genetically modified salmon could be making a comeback soon on the breakfast, lunch and dinner plates of diners nationwide.

Because the controversial, dangerously untested genetically modified salmon has been roundly rejected by the markets thus far in numerous areas, GMO salmon companies are seeking to sell them unlabeled at dining halls and restaurants nationwide. 

“We could be eating GMO salmon at restaurants without even knowing it,” the watchdog organization Center for Food Safety wrote on its website.

“AquaBounty, the company behind the first GMO animal to be cleared for human consumption in the United States, is rushing to sell its genetically modified salmon to restaurants, where it doesn’t even have to be labeled and despite a federal court finding its approval to be unlawful in 2020.”


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Restaurant patrons are being urged to sign the petition against GMO salmon today by clicking on this link.


Major Retailers Being Targeted 

Some of the restaurants that have pledged not to sell the unlawful GMO fish include Red Lobster, Walmart, Costco and Kroger. Aramark, Sodexo and Compass, but there is much work yet to be done.

The fear among watchdog groups is that the salmon could be sold unlabeled at more major restaurant chains across the country meaning that diners won’t even know they are eating this ‘Frankenfish.’

“GMO salmon pose ecological, public health and economic risks and threaten the livelihoods and traditions of Northwest Tribes and fishing communities,” the Center warned.

“GMO salmon could displace native salmon populations and scientists have raised concerns about the allergic reactions from consuming GMO salmon.

“In 2020, a federal court found these concerns warranted,’ held the FDA’s approval unlawful, and ordered FDA to redo it lawfully, which it has never done.”

More information can be found on the Center website here (sign the petition by clicking on this link, and be sure to share with anyone you know who might be concerned about this issue).


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