Podcast #44: On the Healthiest Natural Dental Implants for Your Mouth, Kale Under Attack and Much More

Host David Benjamin and I got into a wide variety of topics on the 44th episode of his ‘Healthy Wild and Free’ podcast, which you can subscribe to on iTunes by clicking here.

Did you know that kale is capable of being cross contaminated by GMOs, along with some of your other favorite organic vegetables? If not you can hear my thoughts on the issue in the podcast below.

We also touch on the most important things you can do for better health that aren’t diet-related, as well as my recent trip to the dentist during which I got a particular type of natural tooth implant, one that’s a far better choice than the titanium kind most people end up with.

All this and more on the podcast below, and if you like it feel free to leave a review here or download it onto your iPod or iPhone to listen on the way to work tomorrow. Enjoy!

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