Product Review: A Delicious and Healthy Brand of Protein Bars Made with Organic Superfoods

shanti superfood bars review


Protein bars are a convenient way to get more nutrients in your diet, especially while out and about heading to work, the gym, a hike or a kayaking trip.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a brand of protein bar that is one of my absolute favorites I have ever eaten: SHANTI BALANCE bars, which can be found on the company’s website or on

The SHANTI BALANCE and SHANTI MINI bars are packed full of ingredients like organic cacao, organic cacao butter, organic cashews, organic sunflower seeds, organic hemp seeds and more.

The company features several different unique flavors, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

If I had to pick one nut-based organic protein bar, this would be the one: they are full of healthy fats, superfoods, and much more.


Some of the flavors I tried include the following:

Red Velvet Chocolate Chip

If you’re a fan of red velvet cake like me, you will absolutely love these bars.

I had both the mini red velvet bars and the regular red velvet bars, and they are packed full of fiber and prebiotics for gut health.

The best part is that these bars don’t contain “natural flavors,” which can sometimes be made from unhealthy substances, artificial flavors, or any other junk like what you might find in regular red velvet cake.

Purchase Organic Red Velvet Bars Here

Mexican Chocolate with Mulberry 

This was the bar I was second-most excited about trying upon opening my box from SHANTI.

This bar has organic dates, organic cashews, organic cacao liquor, organic cacao nibs, organic cayenne pepper, and organic mulberries in it among other flavors.

Upon biting into it I could tell that it was delicious. I really enjoyed this flavor, but it still did not quite meet my expectations because I was hoping for something with more of a chocolate and cayenne flavor.

In my personal opinion the mulberries, while delicious, didn’t go great with the chocolate flavor the company was going for on this bar.

That being said, I still enjoyed this bar — it was something of an acquired taste and something different from most superfood bars I’ve ever tried, but still very good.

Try the Mexican Chocolate with Mulberry bars here



Cashew Cookie Dough 

This bar was my second favorite among the ones I tried.

I could see the Cashew Cookie Dough bars going well as part of a dessert, or on their own as a filling, high protein snack packed with superfoods.

These cookie dough bars tasted very similar to my favorite cookie dough ice cream ingredients. I would get these bars again in a heartbeat, along with another flavor I loved from SHANTI (one of many, to be exact), mango turmeric.

Try SHANTI Balance Cashew Cookie Dough Bars here

Final Thoughts on SHANTI Superfood Protein Bars


These bars are without a doubt my favorite organic nut-based protein bars I have tried.

I would recommend them to anyone who lives an active lifestyle and wants a dose of healthy fats and antioxidant-rich, disease-protective superfoods in their daily routine.

The only nutrition bars I have found that compare to them are these bars from Paleo Valley and the Organic Superfood Bars from Dr. Richard Schulze.

Altogether, you can’t go wrong with any of them. I almost certainly will be getting these bars from SHANTI again, and will look for them at my local health food store from now on.

Learn more or purchase these bars on the SHANTI website here.

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