Product Review: A Deliciously Warm and Spicy Coffee Alternative Made From Organic Mushrooms and a Lot of Other Great Stuff

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Coffee is one of America’s most favorite beverages, especially for those who work long hours and need an additional jolt of mental energy during long and stressful work sessions.

But coffee, despite all of the health benefits it provides, isn’t always the number one choice for energy and mental clarity.

Recently, several different companies have begun taking turns at knocking coffee off of its throne as the undisputed number one drink for this purpose, and one of the latest is called Shroof — an organic coffee alternative that easily ranks among the best I’ve ever tried.

I personally have tried a lot of different healthy coffee alternatives since I first became enamored with holistic health over a decade ago, and there are several things about Shroof that makes it stand out.

Shroof’s Best Qualities 


Perhaps the thing I like most about Shroof is its focus on creativity and fun.

The name alone is enough to put me in a good mood prior to drinking it.

In a market where every single organic and holistic health product sounds like an encyclopedia entry as opposed to the food products with unique and creative names (Coke, Pepsi, Doritos etc. etc.) many of us have come to know and love, I can appreciate the creators’ decision to come up with such a lighthearted and endearing name.

shroof mushrooms drink

Secondly, I was totally impressed by the ingredients.

Everything is organic and everything tastes incredibly rich and high quality.

They are as follows: 


-Chicory Root Powder

-Lions Mane Mushroom

-Cordyceps Mushroom

-Chaga Mushroom

-Reishi Mushroom

-Cassia Cinnamon

-Dandelion Root Powder


-Himalayan Pink Salt

All of these ingredients have excellent health benefits when taken individually, and combined they blend together for synergistically positive effects.

Upon sipping my hot Shroof drink for the first time I immediately tasted the spices along with the Himalayan salt. These spices and salt combined to add a jolt of electricity to my brain similar to coffee but with a lot more complexity.

The cacao flavor is also strong and rich, and the other herbs and mushrooms add a layer of Earthiness that is noticeable but not overpowering.

There is a slight bitterness to this drink but not much of an aftertaste.

Overall, it has the feel of a hot chocolate but with more of an energizing effect for both body and mind, similar to a souped-up chai tea, as opposed to the relaxation effect I usually get from a pure cacao type of drink.

Read the full Shroof ingredients list here

Final Thoughts on Shroof Coffee Alternative


Overall, this is definitely one of my favorite coffee alternatives on the market that I have tried so far.

The first day I drank it, I immediately whipped up and drank two servings because of its energizing benefits and delicious, complex flavors.

This is something I could see myself drinking every morning in place of coffee, it really is a home run.

To learn more or try Shroof for yourself, visit their website here.

Shroof also plants a tree for every ten purchases made, a goal I can definitely get behind.

The company offers both single purchase and subscription options for anyone who would like to experience the benefits long-term.

This review was based on a product sample from the company. Special thanks to Shroof for providing it!



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