Product Review: A More Natural, Cleaner-Burning (Emergency) Candle For Your Home


An emergency candle from Honey Candles, next to a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Both provide a similar warming natural glow.



While many candlemakers still tout their soy-based and candles as being “healthy” and “natural,” the elephant in the room is that very little is said about whether they’re made from genetically modified soy or not, which is not exactly the best type of industry to be supporting.

Many artisan candle makers use soy, and the candles at the department stores and other places aren’t much better, as they’re usually packed full of artificial fragrances and other unhealthy chemicals you probably don’t want to be breathing. Paraffin wax candles are often made with potentially carcinogenic ingredients as well.

Luckily in today’s Internet Age we have the chance to seek out our own favorite eco-friendly and healthy products, if (we’re willing to pay a little extra that is). In December 2013 I had a chance to review some sample holiday candles from the Honey Candles company out of British Columbia, which managed to rank among my favorite eco-friendly candles ever. Recently the company contacted me about their new emergency candles and asked if I’d like to do a similar review.

Honey Candles: Emergency Candles Made From Pure Wax 

If you’ve never tried a honey candle before give it a shot: you may never go back to department store candles again. I especially like the comforting, warming glow they provide at home (check out the picture above to the emergency candle on my dresser next to my salt lamp; below is a shot of the region where the company is based in British Columbia).


Lake Kootenay, British Columbia


As for the emergency candles in question from the brand Honey Candles (website here) they:

-Are 100 percent pure beeswax

-Have a pleasant honey aroma

-Emit a much more natural light (similar to Himalayan Salt Lamps)

-Are virtually non-allergenic

-Are made by a small company that is eco-conscious


Perhaps the coolest thing about these candles is that they can be used to cook food in an emergency situation. They come with small metal straps that can be secured above the candle service, allowing the user to cook food or water. I can see how this type of candle would come in handy in a power outage-related situation, and it’s also advertised as being useful for campers, hikers, hunters and more.

The Final Verdict

Overall these Honey Candles are one of my favorite healthy home products I’ve tried in recent years. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better candle online, especially if you’re looking for something that’s healthier and more eco-friendly than even traditional style candles you’re likely to find in local shops. The emergency candle is excellent to have on hand at a time when natural disasters are always a possibility and it’s always a good idea to have backup sources of light and heat on hand.

But I especially like their holiday and other unique candles as well. 

You can learn more at the Honey Candles website (along with info on several different sustainability pledges) by clicking on this link. Check out their full selection of candles by clicking here

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