Product Review: A Topical, Collagen Cream From Elina Organics for Dry/Normal, Aging, and Sun Damaged Complexions

Amber Collagen Cream from Elina Organics.


I first started my holistic and natural health journey about 15 years ago while working as a journalist at the Detroit Free Press in downtown Detroit. It was there that I learned about the consequences of attempting to ‘burn the midnight oil,’ or in my case the ‘5 a.m. shift oil,’ on a less-than-healthy diet.

In the past few years, I have discovered more about natural health and ‘beauty’ (or whatever the male equivalent is) strategies through various companies including some that I have reviewed on this blog.

One of my absolute favorites is Elina Organics, makers of a wide range of natural and organic beauty products with some of the most exciting, unique and interesting ingredients known to man.

Elina Organics is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, not too far from the beautiful Lake Michigan coast of my home state Michigan, aka the Great Lakes State.

Michiganders are known not only for working hard but also for their ingenuity and creativity, and Elina Organics is a company that checks all of those boxes.

Read on to learn more about their Amber Collagen Cream product, something I have thoroughly enjoyed applying to my face and using over the last month and change.


Elina Organics Amber Collagen Cream Review 

Mask with Amber Collagen Cream on it.

My first thought upon trying this product from Elina Organics was how unique it is in the organic skincare and skin cream market. I tried the cream and Elina Organics also offers this product in a mask shown above, that can also be found on its website here.

Elina Organics’ Amber Collagen Cream contains collagen peptides as one of its main ingredients. Collagen peptides are among the most abundant proteins found in the human body but they are typically lost as part of the natural aging process.

The science of restoring and replenishing collagen in the body has come a long way since the early 2000s, as celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and even famous UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal have endorsed collagen restoring and collagen containing products in recent years, signaling the importance and abundance of health benefits of collagen for both men and women.

Collagen peptides find and restore proteins in both collagen and elastin that have been damaged by the aging process. They firm and tighten skin to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and deeply hydrate the skin while providing antioxidant effects to protect the skin from damaging free radicals in the body.

This product from Elina Organics can be found on the company’s website by clicking here.

Overall, I loved this product in more ways than I can possibly say. It is as good as any other face cream I have ever tried and it instantly cools, nourishes and replenishes the moisture and integrity of my skin.

Some of the other ingredients contained in this formula include: 

Baltic Amber: 

Baltic Amber in Elina Organics Collagen Cream. h

Baltic amber naturally contains succinic acid, which can help to firm skin and reduce signs of aging. It reduces toxins and free radicals and energizes and firms skin by stimulating collagen. It also helps to rejuvenate a person’s skin tone.


Rosehip[s benefits for skin in Collagen Amber Cream.

One of the top sources of Vitamin C among all plants and herbs in nature, rosehips act as a brightener for the skin. They exfoliate the facial cells and encourage cell regeneration while improving fine lines and wrinkles, reducing hyperpigmentation, soothe inflamed and red colored skin and more. These wonder herbs are also rich in skin healthy vitamins including C, B and A.

Try the Amber Collagen Cream From Elina Organics here


Bakuchiol and the serum from Elina Organics benefits.

A natural alternative to the popular beauty and skincare element retinol, Bakuchiol helps to encourage turnover of skin cells at the cellular level. It exfoliates skin at a microscopic level beyond what traditional salt-based scrubs and cleansers are capable of doing on the surface of the skin.

The result is a plant-based, high potency natural healing agent that increases facial skin firmness while reducing discoloration, dark spots and similar appearance related qualms.

My Personal Experience Using Amber Collagen From Elina Organics

Altogether I really enjoyed this cream. I began applying it often as part of my skincare routine and noticed the benefits immediately.

This is one of the most premium and uniquely formulated topical skincare remedies I’ve ever tried. Everything is first class in this product from the natural and organic ingredients to the uniqueness of the benefits and healing components.

In addition, this Amber Collagen Cream from Elina Organics comes in a tightly secured glass jar to ensure the nutrients are not damaged by oxidation before they can be applied to the skin.

If you’d like to try the Amber Collagen Cream from Elina Organics, click on this link.


Special thanks to Elina Organics for sharing a sample of this product for me to review! Learn more about the acne defense system products and skin cooling products from Elina by clicking on this link


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