Product Review: A Trio of Creative and Delicious Organic CBD Products from Sunsoil


The global cannabidiol market size was valued at 5.18 billion in 2021, and shows no signs of slowing.

The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.8% from 2022 to 2030, according to a report from

CBD is one of the most unique supplements out there in that it helps to fill a nutritional gap that most people don’t even realize is present in their day-to-day life.

Supplementing with CBD products consistently can help tremendously in terms of having better sleep, becoming more  focused, being more relaxed on a day-to-day basis, and helping to keep diseases like cancer and heart-related health problems at bay.

Sunsoil is One of the Best CBD Companies Ever


Recently I had a chance to try some new products from a company called Sunsoil that have quickly become some of my favorite CBD products of all-time.

I had tried Sunsoil previously through a trial offer I saw on Facebook, and the three supplements I tried recently were just as good or better.

Sunsoil is an organic CBD company that is lab tested at three separate, independent labs for purity, potency and quality.

I have tried at least nine or 10 CBD companies in my life. Among, them, Sunsoil is the one that seems to calm me down and make me feel the best.

On top of that, the prices are incredibly reasonable for such a high quality and effective product.

Sunsoil Cinnamon Gummies

The first product I tried were the Sunsoil Cinnamon gummies. This product has a really unique texture and flavor profile.

The gummies come in tiny cubes with sugar on top of them, making them a delight to eat.

Typically, I don’t take supplements with sugar, but with such a high quality CBD product underneath it’s tough to pass up eating these like candy.

The gummies have 20 mg of CBD in each one, which the company says is 2-4 times what is found in most other CBD gummies.

I haven’t done the math yet myself, but I do know that these definitely feel more potent than any other CBD gummy I’ve had.

The cinnamon oil in this formula also helps to balance out the blood sugar spiking effect of the sugar, making this a solid pick for anyone who wants something a little sweeter than usual.

Learn more or try Sunsoil Cinnamon Gummies here.

Sunsoil Softgels 

To me, these softgels are the gold standard of all CBD products that I have a tried. These softgels are a no-frills way to bring your system into a state of homeostasis using the power of CBD.

They have a rich, earthy and light cannabis aroma that is difficult to ignore.

If you don’t mind the mild, rich taste of CBD and hemp, you will love these capsules.

Whenever I take one or even two per day, I feel relaxed, focused and mellow (in a good way) for hours at a time.

Try these Softgels by clicking here.

Sunsoil Liquid CBD Drops

An extra strength liquid with organic peppermint essential oil added, this glass bottle comes with a whopping 2,400 mg of CBD.

The peppermint oil helps to energize while the organic CBD helps to relax and soothe the entire system.

This dropper is an excellent way to support healthy energy, the immune system, and brain health, as it also contains organic MCT oil from coconuts.

The price on these drops is higher than I expected at first, but looking back at other CBD I have tried the price is in line with other high quality, liquid CBD tinctures.

If you are serious about purchasing a CBD blend that will restore your system and have long-lasting effects for weeks if not months on end, this tincture is an excellent pick.

Learn more or try Peppermint CBD drops from Sunsoil here.


Final Thoughts on Sunsoil CBD Products

Overall, this is the best CBD/hemp company I have tried in terms of price, effectiveness, quality, and toxic-free supplements.

You can’t go wrong with anything from this company as far as I am concerned, although the price range varies greatly on each product.

If you’re new to CBD and on a budget, I recommend trying the softgels first.

And if you’ve had some difficult times lately and need to relax and get healthy again, I recommend subscribing and taking Sunsoil’s CBD for at least a month or two to see what changes you notice in your overall demeanor and feelings of contentedness and relaxation.

Learn more by visiting Sunsoil’s website here, and be sure to sign up for their email list as they have some great deals from time-to-time to allow people to try their CBD on a budget.

Thanks for reading! Special thanks to Sunsoil for providing samples for this review. Learn more on Sunsoil’s Facebook page here


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