Product Review: An Unrefined Sea Salt Free From Microplastics and Other Junk

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With so many different brands of salt out there claiming to be healthy, how can you know which one to buy?

A lot depends on the sourcing of the salt, as a recent study reported on by National Geographic found that there’s a 90 percent chance you ingested plastic microparticles if you use or cook with salt in any type of way, according to a review of 39 brands of salts from 16 different countries.

In order to provide an alternative, John Cawrse, founder of the brand Ava Jane’s Kitchen, set out to create a product that was 100% safe and tested to be microplastic-free, and the end result was Colima Sea Salt.

Recently I was provided two product samples from the company in order to try this Mexico-sourced salt for myself, and it definitely left a lasting impression on my taste palette.



Colima Sea Salt Tastes More Like Real Salt Than Anything I’ve Tried

While I am a big fan of products like Himalayan Pink Salt and Celtic Sea Salt from the health food stores near me, each variety of salt provides a completely different experience.

For example, the Himalayan salt has a strong salty flavor but is a completely different texture than traditional salt and doesn’t always go well in many of my favorite dishes.

Celtic Sea Salt is generally of high quality, but concerns about microplastics from the ocean and other bodies of water are tangible, and the flavor is not as pronounced as what, say, a 5-star chef would use in a savory main entrée.

Among these options, Colima has the boldest and most pristine, pronounced salty flavor I’ve tried.

In my personal opinion, it would go amazing in any sort of salted caramel dish or homemade salted caramel chocolates; it has the type of texture and flavor that are unmistakeable if you’re a fan of salty confections or dishes.

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Salt from La Laguna de Cuyutlán in Colima, Mexico. Photo via Geordie Wardman/Pinterest

One of the things I’ve noticed over the past seven-plus years of my natural health journey is that while Celtic Seat Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt are healthier options, they don’t quite have the overall “kick” that traditional table salt does (which is unfortunately adulterated with chemicals in many cases).

Colima Sea Salt brings back that invigorating table salt flavor but is far more natural than the stuff usually found at restaurants.

According to the Ava Jane’s Kitchen company, which is based in Carrolltown, Texas, Colima Sea Salt is sourced from La Laguna de Cuyutlán in Colima, Mexico. The company says it is the same place where Aztecs traded for their salt over 500 years ago.

Instead of coming from sea water, this particular type of salt is harvested from dry lagoon beds (Earth’s natural filters) dissolving essential minerals during the process. It is drawn to the surface into shallow ponds by Salineros (traditional salt farmers) and then evaporates in the hot Mexican sun.



The resulting product is an unrefined, natural sea salt with a crunchy bite that packs more flavor than just about any salt I’ve ever tried.

If you’re a fan of premium natural salts for your cooking or just to add to your morning water for extra electrolytes, I highly recommend this sea salt.

As an aside, the company is offering its first ½ pound bag to customers for just 1 cent, as an introductory offer for more people to experience its unique taste and health benefits. The salt is only harvested 16 weeks a year, so take a look and give it a try if you are at all interested.

They also offer avocado oil, caramelized cacao beans, and other unique gourmet food items.

I’m a big fan of this company from what I know about them so far, and from what I’ve tried of their sea salt products.

Thanks for reading and enjoy yours if you do get a chance to try them!


Nicholas J. Meyer Founder

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