Product Review: Goji Berry Milk Thistle, Pecan, Cacao Bliss and Other Organic Nut Butters from Artisana

I was recently given the opportunity to sample an assortment of products from one of my favorite companies, Artisana, which makes a wide variety of organic nut butters including some pretty incredible flavors.

Perhaps the best part about Artisana’s products is their commitment to using only the highest quality organic ingredients with no fillers or preservatives. Unlike many companies that use the term “Artisan” to hide the fact that they’re chock full of GMOs and other junk, like Tostitos for example, everything this company makes is the real deal.

That their products just happen to come in colorful and well-crafted, artistic jars and packages is just a nice bonus. You can find out more at

Here’s a rundown of some of the Artisana products that I really enjoyed:

Cacao Bliss nut butter- I love a good high-energy cacao smoothie in the morning, and using this stuff just makes the whole process that much easier. This stuff is smooth, creamy, and amazing for anyone who has even a remote interest in dark chocolate. Click here to try it.

Goji berry milk thistle butter! Click the link to try it.

Goji berry milk thistle butter! Click the link to try it.

Goji berry milk thistle nut butter- The absolute star of the show, this one really caught me by surprise. I didn’t even know such a product existed, but it was bursting with goji berry flavor and I didn’t really even notice any “milk thistle taste (if there is such a thing).” As a bonus, milk thistle is excellent for supporting liver function. I’ve always thought that goji berries had the potential to taste much better than the dry ones you buy at the health food store, and this is the one item that has really unlocked that taste potential so far. The only caveat with this superfood butter is that it doesn’t come in a full jar just yet, only smaller packets for now.

Berry antioxidant butter- Check out the ingredients for this one: raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw organic goji berry powder, raw organic elderberry powder, raw organic agave and raw organic stevia. The jury’s still out on agave but there’s not a ton of it in here, and the taste is absolutely phenomenal, just like with the acai butter in Artisana’s superfood nut butter line. All three of these berry-based butters are exceptional to say the least, and overall quite healthy.

Marine phytoplankton and blue green algae butters- Also in the same superfood packets line, both of these are surprisingly tasty. The secret is the addition of pure lemon oil; the phytoplankton doesn’t even use agave yet still tastes just sweet enough and has an excellent flavor profile.

Cashew butter- There is some debate over whether or not cashews should be included in the raw food/health world; one expo I visited had two amazing raw food places selling items right next to each other with one swearing by cashews and the other not using them.

Regardless, I seem to react well to cashew butter, and this is one of the creamiest and most delicious butters I’ve ever tried. If you do well with cashews, this is definitely worth your money.

An assortment of Artisana nut butters, coconut oil and other organic products.

An assortment of Artisana nut butters, coconut oil and other organic products.

Other similar butters offered by the company include pecan and walnut, which were both quite good.

You can find Artisana products like these including coconut butter and coconut oil in your local health food store, or online.

If I had to pick one product to try, it would be the goji berry milk thistle butter, which can be found by clicking here. The superfood packets are also starting to find their way into health food stores so be on the lookout.

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